Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' Review

The Beechwood Cove Antique Shop used to draw numerous customers and was one of the best antique shops around. But now, due to a lack of care and upkeep, the shop is run down and empty. It’s time to get this antique shop back to it’s former glory by restoring it in Antique Road Shop: American Dreamin.’

In Antique Road Shop: American Dreamin,’ you have inherited The Beechwood Cove Antique Shop and because you’re the best antique collector in the country, you’ll have no problem breathing new life into it. You arrive to see your new store – empty, dusty, and well, just sad. It may not seem like much, but don’t be overly concerned. You’re going to fix it up with the help of Grace and James Anderson, who know their way around antiques. By taking on various quests, you can earn money, resources, collectibles and more – all to help you get your shop in tip top shape!

Antique Road Shop: American Dreamin seems a little complicated at first. But it explains everything in detail, and once you understand how all of it works, it becomes addictive. All the quests are on the left of the screen. Simply click on them, listen to the suggestion from the character, and go complete it. You need to add an antique to your shop – why not some vintage earrings? Click yes and you’re off to a hidden object game, and once completed, you collect some money, get a reward and now have earrings to add to your inventory.

Antique Road Show American Dreamin Tips

Be careful about going gung ho into the quests – you’ll have to fuel your energy. Remember to eat something from time to time. You will also purchase needed items for your store – get a phone so you can call your friends and connect. I love that’s it’s a vintage wall phone – a nice touch.

You also get a pet – an adorable retriever puppy. Make sure you buy him something from the pet store – he helps you out in the mini games and HOPS. Just click on him (really, he’s the hint button) and with a friendly “woof” he’ll help you out. You can also bid on items in an auction, list items from your own collection (which you’ll be building in the beginning), and start a watch list on items you’re interested in.

Antique Road Trip American Dreaming Game

The ambiance is light and fun. The music is country-like, with a banjo that plays pretty consistently in the background. The graphics bright and detailed – exactly how they should be, especially since you’re examining antiques you want for your store.  When you exit out of your shop, you see the whole town from a birds-eye-view. Shop owners are fixing up their businesses and customers are starting to walk around. It’s a cheery little place, where every day is sunny and bright.

When you begin to play the hidden object games, you’ll find you’ll play the same few several times. Eventually, as you begin to earn more rewards, you’ll begin to be introduced to new ones. It’s the same for the mini games. You won’t start playing them right away – you have to get to a certain level before you can unlock them. The ones I tried were enjoyable, and because you’re working to unlock them and use some of your inventory to play them, it keeps it interesting.

Antique Road Shop American Dreamin Cheats

This is a fun, easy-going and somewhat addictive game. I love the idea of filling up my store with earned items, and watching it come together. Going on numerous quests and growing slowly keeps it interesting and moving at a good pace. If you like the idea of restoring your antique store, collecting unique vintage items, and unlocking new phases, I would recommend you try Antique Road Shop: American Dreamin.’