Autumn in France

Autumn in France is a charming Match 3 game that combines the relaxing vibes of match 3 play with the exciting thrill of travel. Enjoy smooth graphics, soft music, and relaxing gameplay with more than 80 levels and 16 mini-games to conquer! 

Autumn in France is the kind of game you want to snuggle up to, with a glass of French wine of course, as you enjoy the rich graphics that portray a charming and romantic picture of the French countryside. 

This is the 3rd game in this Match 3 seasonal series. We traveled to Italy in Summer and Japan in the Spring in previous iterations, all on the basis that we're playing a game with a fellow photographer. Now, we're in his home country of France, and we're crushing badly... so I guess it's a good thing we're in the country of love? 

Autumn in France Match 3 Game

While as with most Match 3 games, the story is somewhat superfluous, and unnecessary, however, the gameplay makes up for it, especially if you're looking for something to ease your mind and wind down after a long day. Autumn in France can be challenging even on easy mode, but there's enough powerups to help you overcome even the toughest challenge. 

Autumn in France is available to demo for FREE by clicking on the "Install" button above!