Big City Adventure: Rome Review

Walk the streets where gladiators walked in this hot new adventure, Big City Adventure: Rome! Venture through the City of Remus and Romulus as you navigate 120 rounds of pure hidden objects and mini game challenges. Collect keepsakes along the way as you explore the sites. This game is for the true hidden objects adventure lover! Don’t get caught up in the drama and back and forth. Just enjoy your virtual vacation as you visit tourist hot spots such as the Colosseum and the Forum, find your items and learn interesting facts along the way! With its beautifully cultivated graphics this game is fun and exciting for people of all ages! Take a chance and enjoy the trip! Buon Viaggio!

We hope you enjoy Big City Adventure: Rome!

Kick off summer with a cultural adventure! Big City Adventure: Rome is finally here! Get ready to explore the city with thousands of years of history, art & culture to share. This game is a true masterpiece for those who love a straight forward hidden objects adventure. No crazy back story here, just great sites, good times and happy hunting!

Engage in 10 challenging mini games after you visit each area of interest. Search for hidden items scattered throughout the city and learn interesting facts as you collect the 60 postcards strewn throughout the landmark sites. Just like when you travel collect interesting keepsakes along the way!

120 rounds of hidden object adventure are waiting as you enter the historic city of Remus and Romulus.

Buon Viaggio! We hope you enjoy Big City Adventure: Rome!