Bonfire Stories: Heartless

Bonfire Stories: Heartless is a hidden object puzzle adventure game that plays like classic horror film. The gorgeous graphics, captivating storyline, and engaging game play make this a staff favorite and a game you're not going to want to miss. 

Bonfire Stories: Heartless tells the terrifying tale of a dangerous red mist that seeps out of the forest and anyone who encounters it disappears for good. Our main character, Tom, knows this story is more than just a bedtime tale though. Him and his father encountered the mist years ago where shadowy figures stalked them in the wood. Tom managed to escape, but his father wasn't so lucky. 

Now, obsessed with finding the truth of the red mist, Tom has returned to Calispell Forest every year for the last five years. And it seems, on this fateful night as we join him on his mission, the red mist has finally decided to show it's face. This time, taking a cheerful young girl named Margaret as its victim. Can you help Tom make his way through the mist in time to save Margaret from the same fate as his father? Only one way to find out... 

Bonfire Stories Heartless

Bonfire Stories: Heartless is a gorgeous hidden object puzzle adventure game that will delight horror fans as it heads straight into the action on the onset of the game. Available in both a Collector's Edition and a Standard Edition, this is one you might want to spring for the CE as it's full of exciting bonus play. Find 22 hidden hearts scattered throughout the game as well as 12 character figures. You'll also have access to a bonus chapter and a built in Bonfire Stories: Heartless Walkthrough to ensure you never miss your step in the forest. 

Choose between 3 levels of difficulty: Casual, Advanced, and expert or customize your game play by using the custom settings. 

You can take Bonfire Tales Heartless for a test drive for up to 90 minutes for free, but you'll find that you're quickly pulled into the story that you'll be surprised how quickly that time flies. Click the "install" button above to see for yourself how absolutely captivating Bonfire Stories: Heartless really is.