Building the Great Wall of China 2: For the Love of Time Management Games

Building the Great Wall of China 2 is back with even more exciting gameplay for fans of time management games, as you again take on the monumental task of building the Great Wall. Join Emperor Kong Boatu as he fights off attacking nomads and faces great challenges that continue to hinder construction. Travel through 40 unique levels and 4 beautiful locations in order to complete your mission. 

Building the Great Wall of China 2 is a smashing sequel to the already popular franchise. With fantastic upgrades and exciting gameplay, you'll want to put aside some time this holiday to tackle the more than 40 levels that await you in this frenetic time management / resource management game. 

Building the Great Wall of China Game

Once again, you'll join Emperor Kong Boatu as he accepts the challenge of building one of the most impressive and iconic landmarks the world has ever seen. (Even if you can't see if from space. ) You'll have to assist him as he fights off marauding nomads and deals with the struggles of gathering the resources he needs to complete construction in time to achieve expert ratings. 

Great Wall of China Game

Travel through four harrowing locations that offer their own challenges from the hot desert to the snowy wilderness. You'll also have to tackle a few hidden object areas and some action type games, but there's nothing overly challenging when it comes to this added on gameplay. 

If you're a fan of time management resource games, then you have to try Building the Great Wall of China 2  this holiday. If nothing else, it will be a good distraction between dips into the eggnog. :)