Chase for Adventure: The Lost City

Feature Spotlight: Chase for Adventure: The Lost City : While in search of a secret city your famous explorer father is now missing. Embrace the challenge of a lifetime and be bold as you set out on this adventure of love, exploration and time and resource management. This is not the same old same, if you are looking for a thought provoking, skill testing and all around demanding game, then you have met your match. Enjoy the 45 levels of formidable challenges and help Anna reunite with her father in this amazing time management game!

Feature Spotlight: Chase for Adventure: The Lost City : Step up to the skill testing demand and join brave young archaeologist Anna Windsdoe as she embarks on a journey to locate her father. He is a famed explorer and has gone missing while searching for a secret city.

Plunge into 45 levels of adventure, resource, skill and time management. Navigate the twists and turns as you try to avoid running out of resources as you pursue the truth.

Expect the unexpected as this is not the standard time and resource management game. You will need to implement strategy and thought to complete the tasks successfully before running out of time.

Reveal incredible discoveries and overcome many daunting obstacles and enemies along the path. Improve your approach as you have the opportunity to play as varying characters while creating new friendships along the way. Join the quest and help Anna find her father in this incredible journey!