Christmas Stories: A Little Prince Review

Festive Christmas music, drifting snowflakes, colorful candy, bright ornaments – all await you in Christmas Stories A Little Prince! 

In Christmas Stories A Little Prince, you are on your way to a lovely wedding on Christmas Eve, (late as usual) and as you make your way up to the beautiful castle covered in newly fallen snow, you discover that the guests in the castle were put under a spell by an evil witch and turned into little animals and objects! Even worse – Rose, the bride to be, is now, well, a rose and the groom to be is now a young prince who runs away from you each time you see him.

Christmas Stories A Little Prince Review

The only way to free them is to fix the clock – it must strike 12:00 midnight to break the curse. But pieces of the clock are missing and you need to find them so you can get this wedding back on track. Also, Rose is starting to wilt, and you need to hurry before she’s lost forever! Lucky for you, you saved a sweet fox that was cornered by a dog on your way to the castle.

Christmas Stories A Little Prince Game

That fox is Joe, the best man, and he’s ready to help you complete your tasks and save the day! He wouldn’t mind getting changed back to his human self eventually either. With a “whoopee,” he jumps right in to accompany you on your way. Need some lights strung up on the tree? How about fetching something that you can’t seem to get to? This little helper sits off to the left of the screen fiddling with his watch and waiting for you to ask him to help. Click on him when he can’t help you out and he simply says, “hmmm?”

The graphics are wonderfully created, as beautiful winter scenery is the first thing you see as you journey to the castle. Everything sparkles and holiday colors decorate the screen. Fireworks light the sky with a festive glow, so even though the wedding is currently postponed, the Christmas spirit is alive and well! Columns are lined with twinkling lights, and presents are tucked under the tree with care. The characters are fun – my favorite is the evil witch’s henchman – a snowman! A nice touch is that your gold pointer is wrapped in a small ribbon and turns into a mitten when you need to grab something. Joe is dressed appropriately in a red shirt with white cuffs (like Santa) and green scarf. Christmas music (not the over the top stuff) plays softly in the background, adding to the festive feel.

Christmas Game

The hidden object scenes are holiday themed, and what you would expect in one of these games. You also need to find 48 puzzle pieces, 26 morphing objects, and 14 wedding guests. The puzzle pieces are easily found and in most of the areas you zoom in on to find objects. Of course the wedding guests are cute animals and objects that are tucked neatly in each room – not always easy to find. The mini games are also holiday themed and fun to play. One of my favorites is when Joe is tucked in a box playing with loose Styrofoam balls while you try and match things around him. I rarely used the skip button.

I really enjoyed this game. Even if you’re not in the mood for Christmas, and more into “Bah Humbug,” you’ll more than likely get pulled into the festive feel and may even find yourself humming a merry tune. If you like fairytale hidden object games, and you’re ready to get into the holiday spirit, then in Christmas Stories A Little Prince is the game for you!