Christmas Stories: Alice's Adventures

Christmas Stories: Alice’s Adventures is a charming holiday waltz through the imagination with gameplay that is suited for all ages. Join The Cheshire Cat, The White Rabbit, and other Wonderland characters as you race to save Christmas once again. 

Every year, I look forward to the new Christmas Stories game wondering what story they will regale us with this year, and, as a huge Alice in Wonderland fan, I was surprised and delighted to see that they created a Christmas Story based loosely on the tale. 
Of course, I say loosely, because if you’ve ever read the original tales, you’ll know the Disney version doesn’t really follow the trippy original, but since we’re dealing with a Christmas Story and not a debate on literature, that’s probably for the best. 
I was surprised to find Alice at the heart of a Christmas story and I was intrigued to see how they would make it fit. It seems that in this story, Wonderland is the place where imagination and dreams are born, however, the Queen of Hearts used a magic mirror to open a pathway to the real world, and all the characters from Wonderland spilled forth into reality, causing people to lose their Christmas spirit. 
Christmas Stories Alice's Adventure Game
The Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit ran to Santa and reported what had happened, and then The White Rabbit was sent to fetch the only person who could save Christmas and gather up the citizens of Wonderland… Alice. That’s you by the way. You play “The Real Alice.” 
With the Cheshire Cat as your ally, who is simply adorable by the way, and The White Rabbit as your hint button, you’re all set to begin your Christmas Adventure! Sound like fun? I sure think so!
Christmas Stories: Alice’s Adventure is available as a Collector’s Edition, so it’s filled with extra goodies to find including 48 puzzle pieces, 27 morphing items, and 12 collectibles. It also includes exclusive art, music, and a Christmas Stories: Alice’s Adventure Walkthrough that can be accessed during gameplay. 
Christmas Stories Alice's Adventure Walkthrough
Christmas Stories: Alice’s Adventure is a roast beast feast for your eyes, with warm glowing graphics that will fill you with Christmas cheer even if you’re playing in 80 degree weather… I’m looking at you Florida. The game is bursting with puzzles and tons of objects to find. Your inventory will sometimes stretch beyond what you can see, so you’ll have to remember to scroll through the items when you’re trying to figure out what to do next. 
While Christmas Stories: Alice’s Adventure is a delightful tale, hardcore hidden object adventure game lovers may be a bit disappointed in the gameplay as there aren’t many challenging puzzles to ponder over. Rather, the game seems to be more for younger children playing with a parent or grandparent during the holidays. A more experienced player would probably complete the game rather quickly. 
Play Christmas Stories for Free
All in all, Christmas Stories: Alice’s Adventure makes a great family game to leave on during those holiday nights when you need to distract the kids with something shiny or you’re just looking to turn your brain off and chill with some Christmas cheer. 
Want to try Christmas Stories: Alice’s Adventure for yourself? You can play for 90 minutes for free by clicking on the “install” button at the above.