Country Tales - For the Love of Time Management Games

Country Tales takes us down a classic old west adventure, filled with bandits, a jealous villian, and of course the damsel in distress. Saddle up and join Ted as he sets out to tame the wild west and save his beloved Catherine in this new time management game!

Country Tales Walkthrough

Country Tales follows the story of Ted, a once simple farmer, who decided he wanted a little more out of life then digging in the dirt. After finishing school and finding a job as an assistant in the mayor's office, he meets the love of his life Catherine... only problem is she's engaged to your boss - a man who does not take rejection well. 

Country Tales

Now you must click and build your way through 40 intense levels of unique time management gameplay in order to save the day and help Ted build up the town of Sunset Hills and win the hand of the love of his life. 

Country Tales

It's not too often you hear about a time management game with a story worth exploring, but Country Tales is making waves with time management lovers who are captured heart and soul by not only the terrific gameplay, but this heartworming and happy tale.

Labeled as "addictive," "amazing," and "challenging," Country Tales is a must-have for any fan of the genre.