Country Tales Walkthrough

With our Country Tales Walkthrough, you'll be able to help Ted on his journey from the big city to the small town of Sunset Hills. The dastardly mayor is putting Ted through his paces with all sorts of interesting challenges in this time and resource management game! Our helpful tips and pictorial inspiration will help you and Ted overcome all the obstacles thrown your way!

Country Tales Walkthrough

Our Country Tales Walkthrough is locked and loaded with useful tips and information to help Ted master his new role as the Mayoral Assistant of Sunset Hills. Filled with helpful navigation tips, look to us as a useful resource in helping you meet the challenge of this fun time and resource management game.

Join Ted as he becomes acquainted with the town of Sunset Hills and gets to know Catherine the crooked mayors’ fiancée. Help him rise to the challenges thrown his way by the shady mayor and overcome the many obstacles that he faces. This fun time and resource management game will surely keep you entertained for hours! Check out our guide to help you figure out your tasks and agenda.

We hope you enjoy our Country Tales Walkthrough!