Enchanted Kingdom: Fog of Rivershire Review

Welcome to Enchanted Kingdom: Fog of Rivershire, where you are an honored healer sought for your help in a mysterious mess!

A nasty fog has been unleashed in the kingdom and is turning everyone into hideous creatures. The previous healer couldn’t escape the disease – and now he’s been locked in a cage, so he won’t harm others.

You meet with Dr. Klein first, who suspects that the sickness has a demonic taint to it. Lucky for you, you are protected by magic and immune to the sickness. Your task is to heal those you come across and to find the demonic source of the infectious fog and eliminate it.

Everyone you come across that has been infected has multiple areas on the body that need careful inspection. This is not your normal skin infection as monster-like growths appear on different parts of the body. Take out your diagnostic lens to inspect each area, take some notes, and write up a prescription for each person.

Enchanted Kingdom Game

All the cures are different and need different items. This makes it interesting because once you find each item that’s needed for a cure, you pull out your healing kit and get to mix them to create the potion. There’s something so satisfying about healing each person and watching them transform back to normal.

The graphics are well done in Enchanted Kingdom: Fog of Rivershire. The colors are vibrant and rich and really enhance the game. Misty fog rolls off the mountains and lights softly glow by the cottages. Hues of blue and purple and some red fill the screen. Details like skeletons and cow skulls adorn certain areas, to symbolize death and keep you on your toes.  

I love the characters – they’re realistic and adorned with leather, brass, capes, and other period appropriate clothing. My favorite was Bjorn the boatman, who takes you from one area to another.

Enchanted Kingdom Fog of Rivershire

The atmosphere is soothing at times, and at other times you feel like you have to move fairly swiftly to find the items you need for the cure. The background music is lilting and light when nothing major is happening. Harps and flutes fill the air along with singing birds. All is well! I loved how when I went to one area to another, different songbirds sang. When you’re inside a room looking for objects, the music picks up speed and becomes more ominous.

The hidden object games were interactive and fun to play. They included lists, silhouette, and storybook. They also carried the main game’s theme, so you look for items like armor, helmets, arrows, spears, and more.  If you don’t feel like solving a hidden object puzzle, you have the option to play a match game.

Enchanted Kingdom Review

Additionally, there are the mini games. Some of them were a little confusing, and didn’t have a whole lot of direction. If you get stuck you can always press the hint button and move on. Objects to find in addition to the main goal of cures are 15 eggs, 15 medallions, and 76 coins. These were easy to find in different rooms and in the area close-ups you clicked on. You can also earn 26 achievements.

Enchanted Kingdom: Fog of Rivershire, is great fun to play. I love the whole premise of the game, which is to heal those that are infected with a terrible creature transforming illness. It isn’t overly repetitive, which it could be. Each cure was different, depending on the severity of the illness. If you like these enchanted kingdom type hidden object games and love to feel the satisfaction of helping others, then this is the game for you.