Frankenstein: The Village

In Frankenstein: The Village, Janet and Brad need your help solving the riddle of Frankenstein Burg in this hidden objects game. Being stranded in a strange village proves to be a harrowing experience that they never anticipated.


In Frankenstein: The Village, you'll take a trip with Janet and Brad into this strange adventure!

When car trouble hits, our happy travelers encounter unexpected circumstances. But, as they will soon learn, not all adventures are good ones. Some strengthen you while others stir up your fears. 

Take a chance and decide what this adventure will mean for you! Help Janet and Brad uncover the riddle of Frankenstein Burg to save them from the weird village in which they are stranded. Enter if you dare! 

Have fun exploring this kooky town and it's peculiar people.Complete the many challenging hidden objects areas and mini games.

Relish in the freakkish ghoulishness of this quirky hidden objects adventure game!