Game Spotlight: European Mystery: Flowers of Death

European Mystery: Flowers of Death, a new release this week, is another great addition to the European Mystery games.  This time around, you've been called in to investigate some unruly plants in the Netherlands who have been attacking locals and putting them in comas! Sounds like a scene from Little Shop of Horrors! Can you best these deadly plants or will you become their next victim? Find out in this exciting hidden object adventure game!

European Mystery: Flowers of Death takes center stage in our game spotlight this week as an intriguing story and beautiful graphics calls us in and beckons us to play. 

European Mystery Game

European Mystery has been a strong and enjoyable series, granting us some interesting gameplay and thrilling storylines along the way. This new game, Flowers of Death takes us to the Netherlands. But instead of taking in some tulips and windmills, you're in for some deadly plants and some shady townspeople. 

It appears that the vegetation has a vicious streak to it as the plants have begun attacking locals and causing them to fall into a deep slumber. As if that's not trouble enough, certain members of the community may have something to do with these attacks and they will stop at nothing to prevent you from learning the truth. 

Flowers of Death Game

Of course, that's never stopped you before... 

This game has been released in a Collector's edition first and comes with some great perks such as morphing flower cards that lead to a secret room, music, artwork, wallpapers, and videos, as well as a bonus game that will take you to the across the pond to an American Colony where you must save a small town!

European Mystery Puzzle

So, gather your courage and your wits as you embark on this exciting mystery in European Mystery: Flowers of Death.