Game Spotlight: Phantasmat: Behind the Mask

Phantasmat: Behind the Mask will take you on a chilling tour of the Ward Estate where you will become uncomfortably familiar with some long lost relatives. Don't mind the ticking of the clock as midnight approaches and whispers seem to drift in and out of your awareness. I'm sure everything will be just fine and you'll make it out of this nightmare alive... or maybe not...

Phantasmat: Behind the Mask has arrived at Big Fish Games and we're excited to say it looks amazing. It seems with each new chapter, the Phantasmat games just keep improving and Behind the Mask is no exception. 

Phantasmat Behind the Mask

If you're ready for a creepy time this holiday, why don't you step in and join us at the Ward Estate? Your long lost relatives are dying to meeting you!

Join Patrick, Abigail, Claude, Norman, and Lisbeth as you prepare to hunker down in the mansion as an encroaching storm makes its way toward you. But how well do you really know these loving family members and can you really trust them?

New Phantasmat Game

The Phantasmat: Behind the Mask collector's edition includes 42 collectible rocking horses, 20 morphing objects, and plenty of achievements to earn. 

You'll also benefit from the build in guide, stunning wallpaper art, as well as a bonus chapter to play! 

Phantasmat Game

So don't forget to watch your back as you near the witching hour and begin to notice your relatives acting a bit peculiar. Whispers lead into empty rooms and shadows crawl across corridors. Do you have what it takes to survive a night with the Wards? 

Find out in this chilling hidden object adventure game - Phantasmat: Behind the Mask.