Happy Clinic Review

A new addiction is waiting to be acquired! Happy Clinic is the latest & greatest time management adventure waiting to engage you in unique and challenging activities. Get your medical career in gear as you progress through international hospitals while ensuring the highest quality healthcare. Treat and diagnose disease and ailments while creating a better environment for the ailing. But expect the unexpected as you encounter many unique and creative methods for patient care. You will not be disappointed in this gem of an adventure!

Take a chance and get in on the fun! We hope you enjoy Happy Clinic!

Heal the world in this fun and creative new time management adventure Happy Clinic. Patients across the globe are in need of quality healthcare, it’s a good thing you are prepared to deliver!

Help Holly the intern progress rapidly in her career as she makes the world a better place one patient at a time! Lots of charming scenes and scenarios will keep you intrigued as you prepare to treat & diagnose patients, while improving their environments. All in a days work, right?

Get use to thinking on the fly as you encounter many unique situations along the way. Challenges and adventure are calling…will you answer?  You will not be disappointed with this delightful time & resource management game that ups the ante of your skill level.

We hope you enjoy Happy Clinic!