Haunted Legends: Twisted Fate

Haunted Legends: Twisted Fate is a hidden object puzzle adventure game that will have you racing against time itself to recover a very powerful and dangerous artifact known as the Hourglass of Time that can grant the user everlasting life... by stealing it from others! Put your detective skills to the test by jumping into this perilous adventure! 

At the onset of Haunted Legends: Twisted Fate, you'll receive a summons from the Count Von Mart, pleading with you to come out of retirement as a detective to take his case. It seems a mysterious artifact known as the Hourglass of Time has been stolen and it's vital that it is found and returned to its keepers. 

The Hourglass of Time has the power to steal time from people by essentially leaching their life force and allowing the user to live forever. With such a terrible artifact on the loose and in the wrong hands, how could you say no to the Count's request?!

Haunted Legends Twisted Fate

Choose between 3 different difficulty levels: Casual, which features lots of sparkles to ensure you never get lost; Advanced, no sparkles at all; Hard... no sparkles and no tips. You're pretty much on your own. You also have the option to customize the difficulty level by adjusting the gameplay to suit your particular style. 

Haunted Legends Twisted Fate is very pretty to look at, with gorgeous graphics that depict chilling scenes. The gameplay is similar to most hidden object adventure games with some twists on the hidden object scenes. There is however, entirely too much dialogue and it at times takes away from the game because the talking slows the gameplay down to a crawl when all you want to do is rush forward in the story. 

Haunted Legends Twisted Fate is available in Collector's Edition at the moment but should be available soon in the Standard Edition. The collector's edition features morphing hidden objects scattered throughout the game, achievements, and an integrated Haunted Legends Twisted Fate Walkthrough. 

If you'd like to try Haunted Legends Twisted Fate for yourself, you can play the game for free for 90 minutes by simply clicking on one of the install buttons above (PC or MAC).