Immortal Love: Kiss of the Night

Immortal Love: Kiss of the Night is a beautiful and well-designed hidden object puzzle adventure game fit to please any fan of Vampire lore. Can you help Travis save his love, Valerie, from the Master Vampires clutches? Only one way to find out... 

Immortal Love: Kiss of the Night is a tale of two lovers stricken with a mysterious disease. When a stranger hands Travis a cure for his love Valerie, he's desperate enough to try it. But Valerie refuses to live without her beloved and so begs Travis to share the potion with her... but this so-called cure might be more than they both bargained for. 

Travis realizes something is amiss when he awakens in a coffin just in time to watch Valerie leave with the stranger who gave him the potion. It seems that they both have been transformed into vampires and the Master Vampire has need of Valerie in order to defeat the vampire hunters! Travis wasn't supposed to share in the potion and Valerie's fate and so becomes a thorn in the Master's side. 

Can Travis fight his way through vampires and hunters in order to save his love from some horrible fate? You'll have to find out for yourself in this simply gorgeous and well-designed hidden object puzzle adventure game!

Immortal Love Kiss of the Night

Choose between three levels of play difficulty, Casual, Advanced, and Expert, or design your own custom play style. 

Immortal Love: Kiss of the Night is available in both a Standard Edition and Collector's Edition, but this might be one of those games to opt for the more expensive Collector's edition as it's full of extra bonuses like morphing objects and glass figurines. Each screen will tell you how many bonus objects you have to find, so you can be sure never to miss an item. 

The CE also comes with an integrated Immortal Love: Kiss of the Night Walkthrough, so you'll never falter along your journey to save Valerie. 

Want to try Immortal Love: Kiss of the Night yourself? You can play up to 90 minutes for free by clicking on the "Install" button above.