Kingdom Chronicles 2

Kingdom Chronicles 2, the long awaited sequel to the original exciting time management strategy game, has finally arrived and we can’t stop playing it! Get ready for a fun weekend filled with hoarding resources, reparing roads, and throttling orcs. 

OMG guys! After pretty much giving up hope that we would ever see another sequel to Kingdom Chronicles, the day has finally arrived!! I think it’s been something like seven years since the original game debuted, and after spending the last few hours playing Kingdom Chronicles 2, I have to say the wait was well worth it!

Kingdom Chronicles 2 is everything I want in a resource management game. It’s fast-paced but allows me the time to sit and formulate a strategy before I start playing. I’m a slow thinker, so I need time to sit and think… okay I’m going to first collect these resources and then build the barracks so I can fight off the orcs and get those barriers taken down ASAP… which will allow my workers to move faster on the board so they can collect the resources in a much more efficient manner…. And so my brain goes before I even click on a piece of food to start collecting.

Kingdom Chronicles 2

It’s been a long time since I played the original, so the storyline and characters are a bit fuzzy… there’s a sword in the stone that’s been captured by the orcs and our hero, John, must pursue them in order to retrieve it. Pretty straightforward. Of course, it gets complicated when Jane, who I assume is his wife, follows him… but I won’t give away too much of the story.

The graphics in Kingdom Chronicles 2 are so much more than what you would expect from a time management game. They are crisp and extremely detailed… from teeny tiny bananas on the trees to each carefully etched stone in the road…it was just pretty to look at! And you really can’t say that with too many of these types of games.

Kingdom Chronicles 2 Walkthrough

Gameplay was also fantastic. You can queue up your actions so you don’t have to wait for each worker to finish a task before you assign them another. But you can’t assign tasks that can’t be achieved at that moment. For example, even though you assigned a worker to remove a boulder in the road, you can’t assign anyone a task beyond that boulder until it’s been complete. This is pretty standard for a time management game, but it’s worth noting because it stopped me from getting too far ahead of myself when I started to issue out orders.

An added challenge to the game are the random orcs that wander into the screen while you’re playing. Your workers won’t want to work while there’s dangerous foes about, so you need to get rid of them as quickly as possible with your soldiers or you’ll waste precious time.

Play Kingdom Chronicles 2 for Free

As for the main concept of the game, it’s pretty typical of a resource management game so if you’re familiar with the genre, you’ll be able to jump right in. It is worth taking the time to go through the tutorial though since it’s pretty short and it gives you the basic information quickly so it doesn’t interfere too much with your playing.

Overall, I absolutely loved Kingdom Chronicles 2 and was so disappointed when the free trial was over, I had to immediately go and buy the game. If you want to have a similar experience, go ahead and tap that download button to play the game for free for 60 minutes.