Lucky Luke: Transcontinental Railroad - For the Love of Time Management Games

Lucky Luke: Transcontinental Railroad has stolen the number one spot for time management games this week, as we travel way out west during the time of the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad. Join our hero, Lucky Luke, in his mission to boost the morale of the workers and help with the overall construction. But beware, times are rough out here in the wild and there's been rumors of the Dalton brothers attacking the railway. It's going to take all your time management know-how to overcome these challenges!

In Lucky Luke: Transcontinental Railroad, it's time to strap on your cowboy hat and buckle up your britches as you head way out west to help with the construction of the railroad as it forges ever onward over the Sierra Nevada Mountains. 

Luck Luke Game Map

This classic resource management game is reminscent of the Monument Builders franchise, as you'll be rewarded with tales of the real construction of the railway as you play. Gather resouces and build as fast as you can, all the while avoiding the infamous Dalton brothers, a group of train robbers during the early 1890s.

Lucky Luke Railroad Level

Lucky Luke: Transcontinental Railroad includes 50 levels of gameplay and is holding steady with a 4 star-rating with Big Fish players. 

Lucky Luke Railroad Puzzle

Do you have what it takes to make the dream of connecting our two coasts a reality in  Lucky Luke: Transcontinental Railroad?

Find out in this fun and exciting time management game!