Monument Builders: Golden Gate Bridge - For the Love of Time Management Games

Monument Builders: Golden Gate Bridge will allow players to experience the thrill of building this wonder of the modern world, and what many call the most beautiful bridge in the world. There's a host of challenges awaiting you in this new Monument Builders game! Do you have what it takes to gather the necessary resources and manage your workers to get the job done? 

This new Monument Builders game will have you tackle the daunting feat of modern engineering of contructing the Golden Gate Bridge. The original construction came in under budget and ahead of schedule... can you acheive the same results? 

Monument Builders Game

Monument Builders: Golden Gate Bridge includes 50 challenging and fast-paced levels of gathering resources and building structures that will give you a newfound appreciation for what went into buidling this massive structure. As always with the Monument Builders games you'll learn about the history of the bridge as you play along. 

For example, have you heard of the Halfway to Hell Club? This was the name of the club formed by the men who fell from the bridge during the construction and were saved by the innovative safety nets that were placed before real work on the bridge could begin. 

Golden Gate Bridge Game

Find that little tidbit of history interesting? Like to play time management games? Then the Monument Builders games were made for you! Download this latest game today to experience it for yourself!