Mystery Tales: Her Own Eyes - New Release

In Mystery Tales: Her Own Eyes your newly opened eyes have you seeing the world with a whole new perspective. Unfortunately that view is inclusive of the dead souls that have not been able to find their final resting place. You must help these restless souls uncover the mystery of what happened to them in order to find peace for yourself and for them.

Join us as we take a look at Mystery Tales: Her Own Eyes, which is an eye opening experience into the land of the unliving.

Mystery Tales Her Own Eyes

After you receive a successful lens transplant, you have clear vision that includes the ability to see dead souls. In order to find peace for yourself and them, you must crack the mystery surrounding their deaths before someone else’s life is lost.

With exceptional graphics, eerie music, and enjoyable mini games and hidden objects areas, this game will deliver spine-tingling adventure. 

Mystery Tales Game

Hurry and keep your eyes open because the next victim may be you!