Mystery Trackers: Nightsville Horror Walkthrough

Our Mystery Trackers Nightsville Horror Walkthrough is fully prepared to guide you through this new and exciting case in the Mystery Trackers series. Get ready to face off against an old legend possibly come to life in the town of Nightsville and look for clues to solving the mystery of the missing local residents. But don't worry, we've got your back as you begin to explore this creepy setting with out seven chapters of content bursting with helpful hints and advice!

Mystery Trackers: Nightsville Horror Walkthrough

Good news mystery lovers…there’s a new edition of the Mystery Trackers series ready to satisfy your craving for a new adventure!

Our Mystery Trackers Nightsville Horror Walkthrough is jam packed with simple instructions, multi colored screen shot frames and mini game and hidden object solutions to help you solve the mystery of the elusive and fearsome Owl man.

Old rivalries run deep! Just ask the residents of Willowsville, Louisiana. A local boy named Oliver has mysteriously been abducted and residents suspect it is at the hand of the legendary Owl man of the neighboring town of Nightsville. Once thought to be an urban legend the Owl man has returned and is striking terror into the hearts of local residents.

But can it be true, is that really what happened? If so, what do the local kids have to do with this? What about the Sherriff? What role do old grudges play; so many questions, with so little answers?

No worries, look to our Mystery Trackers Nightsville Horror Walkthrough brimming with seven chapters of information and screen shots to help you crack this case wide open!

We hope you enjoy our Mystery Trackers Nightsville Horror Walkthrough!

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