New Yankee 7: Deer Hunters

Hold onto your hats as we get ready for another exciting chapter in the New Yankee franchise. New Yankee 7: Deer Hunters lives up to the our expectations and delivers another fast-paced time management game that's sure to claim many hours of your foreseeable future. 

Another New Yankee game was released recently, this time it’s New Yankee 7: Deer Hunters. Doesn’t really inspire much imagination in the title, does it? And didn’t we just play the 6th title? The Egyptian game?

Okay, it was back in September when we played that last version, but it does feel like yesterday… where has the time gone?

Anyhow, I digress. Back to the title Deer Hunters… I’m not a fan. But I was born in a small town where deer hunting was a thing. We even got the first day of hunting season off of school, because so many of the kids took that day off. Now my vegetarian tender hearted self would just cry as I watched the trucks go by loaded with dead animals… so when I think Deer Hunter… this is what I’m envisioning.

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However, it looks like John, Mary, and Max are after more sophisticated prey as it seems the white stag has been spotted headed into the magical forest. Now, being a fantasy lover, my experience with the white stag is you don’t want to follow that thing because it’s going to lead you to your death. But, it appears as if our heroes never picked up a Dungeons and Dragons book, so they are heading headlong in the forest after the white deer with the golden antlers. This can’t end well.

I have to say the overall aesthetics of the game are quite pleasant. Much more than previous games, but I really like the fantasy forest kind of vibe, so the purples, blues, and greens are just eye candy for me.

The game plays out just like any other New Yankee game. If you’ve played before, you’re going to get annoyed by all the little pop ups telling you what to do. At times, I was even ahead of the pop ups so it was pointing at nothing because my greedy little clicking had already picked the item up.

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Again, with the New Yankee games… I hate when they don’t give me time to formulate a strategy. There’s so much crap going on and things that need to be done, I would just appreciate a little moment before the timer starts to get my bearings and to figure out what I need to do. Otherwise, I just need to spend the first round figuring stuff out and then I need to replay the level in order to get the gold time. It’s not ideal and it always frustrates me to no end.

Other than that, the gameplay is rather fun even if I’m crap at it. Having Max the dog chase down boars and Mary cast spells to bring back the trees and John to hack at anything ominous that comes rumbling down the pathways, while at the same time clicking out orders to your minions to haul ass and bring in the goods can be quite exhilarating.

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So if you’re in the mood for a fast paced time management game that looks good and plays great, then click on the download button above to give New Yankee 7: Deer Hunters a try it yourself for free for 60 minutes!