Next Stop 3

Next Stop 3 is a return to a fun and entertaining franchise that challenges you to restore an aging railroad system along with the fearless Margaret and her tireless crew of railway workers. Do you have what it takes to beat the clock and get the edge on your competition? Found out in Next Stop 3!

Next Stop 3 Walkthrough

Next Stop 3 returns you to a game franchise that never disappoints the time management fanatic. Margaret is back to her old ways as she gets ready to expand her railway enterprise and tackle the repairs on an aging railroad system. 

Of course, there's not much more to the story than that, although Next Stop 3 really tries to engage you in dialogue, it does tend to become a bit tedious with all the bobbing heads going back and forth as they try to build some sort of story to the gameplay. Honestly, it's not needed. The game is fun enough and easy enough to understand on its own without all the tiring banter between Margaret, her director, and the banker. 

Next Stop 3 Game

If you've played any of the previous games, you'll be able to jump right in and get started collecting resources to build bridges, repair the railroad line, and get paid by collecting mail packages. Next Stop 3 does give you the option of a Multi-Click mode, which allows you to schedule your tasks without waiting for a worker to be free. This is a huge relief since my brain tends to be three or four steps ahead of the gameplay as I move onto my next task once it's been assigned. 

You also have the option to play a more relaxed mode without timers if you're not into the stress of racing against the clock... but what's the point of playing these kinds of games if you're not going to get rewarded at the end for being awesome? 

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The graphics are similar to the previous games, nothing that's going to make you get lost in the scenery, but good enough to keep you engaged. THe music is a jaunty harmonica driven tune that seemed bright and happy and appropriate for the game, although I suppose if I were playing for hours and hours, it could start to get on my nerves. 

Next Stop 3 also features a project supply yard where you can use the points you gather from playing levels to create buildings through the space. You can select any project you'd like to work on and then slowly see it brought to life as you play. It was somewhat satisfying to continue to come back and see the yard grow in size and scope. 

There's also a game feature that's simply called "clicker." It's a game within a game and again features building up your railway empire as trains come in bringing cargo. You need to click on the trains to unload the cargo and earn money and then you need to use that money to build farms and such in the surrounding areas and to pay your workers. Overall, it was an interesting concept, but I tired quickly from the endless clicking and moved back to the main game. 

Next Stop 3 Walkthrough

There are 50 grueling levels for you to play in Next Stop 3, and the game is only available as a standard edition, so there is no integrated Next Stop 3 Walkthrough available for purchase. 

Next Stop 3 is available to play for free for 60 minutes so you can give this time management game a go yourself. This is plenty of time to play through a few levels and get a feel for whether you're going to spend the next few days as a railway baron. To play Next Stop 3 free, simply click on the "install" button above.