Phantasmat: Town of Lost Hope

Let's take a look at this week's game spotlight Phantasmat: Town of Lost Hope, where the town of Collingwood is under siege. One of its natives, a boy by the name of Jeffery, has morphed into a serial killer and is exacting revenge on the townspeople. Unfortunately for you and your family, you may be his next victim. Muster your courage to stay alive and stop Jeffery in his tracks.

In Phantasmat: Town of Lost Hope, you are on the way to the big game with your brother and his girlfriend. You take a wrong turn and run out of gas, which is a mistake that could end up costing you your lives! 

The small town of Collingswood is home to a notorious serial killer who is on the prowl. One minute you are stopping for gas and the next you find yourself waking up in the care of a mysterious old woman.

This is just the beginning of your nightmare. Join us and delve further into this creepy caper.

Enjoy the multi-level hidden objects areas and challenging mini games and puzzles that are sprinkled throughout Phantasmat: Town of Lost Hope. The creep factor is high with the eerie music and ghoulish scenery waiting to suck you into this creep-tastic psychological thriller.