Roads of Rome: New Generation 2 Review

Welcome to Roads of Rome: New Generation 2 where peace and serenity reign. But, alas, not for long as a darkness suddenly descends in the form of invading Vikings bent on revenge. 

In Roads of Rome: New Generation 2, Markus, son of general Victorius is sent out into battle. His love, Valeria, refuses to be left behind and begs her father to allow her to help. He gives his blessing, and she’s off to the rear guard to repair roads and assist those in need. Once at the borders, she finds things are worse than expected. Swamps are bubbling up over roads, buildings are mangled and in need of rebuilding, bridges are out and need to be repaired. This is a game where you need to be smart, timely, and resourceful. Can you multitask? Then get ready to fix and rebuild!

This is a fun time management game. Valeria overlooks the action as she sits upon her trusty steed. The command is yours! Gather items you need like wood, gold, and food so you can store them and build roads and more. Keep in mind, you are working against the clock, so you need to be efficient and quick!

Roads of Rome New Generation 2 Levels

Building a pig farm and sawmill are your first order of business – it makes it so much easier than cutting down tree by tree for wood or picking apples from each tree for nourishment. Once you’re done with all the tasks, you’re onto the next level, and a new character pops up on the screen in need of some help.

The graphics are appropriately clean as you take charge from above clicking furiously to get your workers to do your bidding. The colors are bright and appropriate to the surrounding: autumn trees adorn the countryside, while fish leap out of gurgling streams and lakes. Every now and then, there’s even a downpour (why not?), which doesn’t slow down your tireless workers.

Roads of Rome New Generation 2 Game

Everything is laid out simply, like a topographical map – items are easy to find and once you register where everything is, it’s time to put it all in motion. You can make your plan from one glance, and the easy-to-read tasks at the top assist you in quickly assessing what you still have left to do. You can also monitor your stores from there as well – the brightly colored status bar will tell you what they are so you can replenish.

The mood of the game is adventurous. It’s a bright, sunny day, the birds are singing, there’s a light merry tune playing somewhere in the distance. You can almost smell the grass as your workers run from place to place. You hear every sound: the rustle of apples being picked, the ax hitting the wood of the trees as they’re cut down, the hammer hitting the road as the workers rebuild it. Once you complete your tasks, fireworks light up the sky and cheers erupt – Ave Caesar, job well done!

Roads of Rome New Game

The game starts out a bit sluggish at first, as your one worker seems to move at a snail’s pace. Soon, however, the pace picks up as tasks evolve and you find you don’t want to stop. New tasks ramp up the adventure as you peruse the mountain for jewels, clear away thick mist that blankets the area, destroy Viking banners, and more! If you see a pair of boots – grab them immediately!  These are no ordinary boots – they’re magic boots that enable your workers to speed across the board, getting everything done in record time.

Roads of Rome: New Generation II is fun and challenging. If you’re looking for a time management game that has a cool Roman flair and love a sense of accomplishment, then I recommend you try it out!