Sea of Lies: Beneath the Surface - New Release

Plunge into the aquatic adventure of Sea of Lies: Beneath the Surface Collector's Edition. Doctor Norton a surgeon has been marooned on a deserted island of mystery and mayhem. The siren of the sea has enlisted foe some pirates to do her bidding. Will you be able to outwit her and return to life and civilization as you know it or will her tyranny get the best of you? Dive into this mystery to find!

Game Spotlight: Sea of Lies: Beneath the Surface 

Ahoy Mates join us as we explore the newest game in a beloved series! 

Sea of Lies Game

All aboard the exciting adventure of Sea of Lies: Beneath the Surface. Get ready to be swept away on this sea-faring adventure of vengeance, lies, and intrigue. Chock full of challenging hidden object areas and mini games, this epic adventure is not for the faint of heart!

Trapped on a deserted island you must figure out why this siren of the sea has been destroying vessels as they approach the desolate island and exactly why the bandits of the sea are helping her. 

Sea of Lies

Get your sea legs about you because there is work to be done to extract yourself from this island and get out of this scary predicament. Beware Dr. Norton; you must keep your wits about you as you attempt to return to civilization because there is a tentacled tyrant trying to foil your efforts! Set sail on this adventure of the sea, good luck on your journey – you’re going to need it!