Vermillion Watch: London Howling

Vermillion Watch: London Howling is a hidden object puzzle adventure game where a series of violent crimes have recently taken place. It appears that something not quite human is lurking amongst the mist shrouded streets of 19th century London and it's up to the Vermillion Watch to hunt this creature down and make the streets safe again. 

Vermillion Watch: London Howling was released today in standard edition, just in time for a pre-Halloween fright! The fifth game in the Vermillion Watch series, we find ourselves caught up in a lycanthrope storyline with a serious plot twist.

Instead of hunting down werewolves on the streets of London, Phileas Fogg and Young Hawkes have instead become the werewolves! Infected with the lycanthrope disease at the onset of the game, Hawkes must track down his dear friend Fogg in order to restore him to his human form, all while fighting against the ever-increasing wolfish rage that's burning inside of him. 

Vermillion Watch London Howling Game

Packed full of mini-games, this hidden object puzzle adventure game looks like a frightfully good time! The graphics look appropriately eerie and menacing, and the storyline sounds like something that will suck you in for hours. 

This game is available now in both standard and collector's editions and can be demoed for free by clicking on the "install" button above.