Viking Brothers 5

Viking Brothers 5 brings us back to the world of the Norsemen in this always entertaining and well-designed time management game franchise. Join Everand and Boromir as they once again must face the trials of the gods in order to save the world from a lurking evil.

Viking Brothers 5 sees the return of Everand and Boromir, two brothers and heroes from Midgard, the realm of man who have faced relentless challenges through 4 previous and extremely well-done time management games.

Viking Brothers 5 sets the scene where the previous game left off as our two heroes settle down for a well-deserved respite from the harrowing dangers they’ve faced. However, their peaceful sojourn is short-lived. Some time in the night, the earth shook, and a dark shadow crossed the land, leaving the morning hours to reveal a land that was once lush with summer life, yellowed and dying.

Viking Brothers 5 Game

Now, the brothers must journey to Asgard to seek the aid of the gods once more if they are to discover and defeat this new evil that threatens their land. Join them through countless levels of fast paced resource management game play and see if you have what it takes to save Midgard.

Viking Brothers 5 can be played in 3 difficulty levels: Casual, Normal, and Expert. Casual mode is played with no time limits so even players who aren’t interested in beating the clock can enjoy playing. Normal mode is your standard run of the mill time limits and Expert, of course, takes things to a whole other level with shortened time limits.

Viking Brothers 5 Walkthrough

The graphics of Viking Brothers 5 is above and beyond what you’d normally find in a time management game, as each resource and character seems to be crafted in loving detail. The title screen itself was mesmerizing and beautiful with a little added feature of movement as you moved the mouse. I admit, I was distracted for a few minutes just moving the Wyvern and Viking Brothers around on my screen.

Gameplay is, as usual, excellent, although my one tiny complaint is that you can’t assign tasks to collect a resource if the way is blocked. Even if you’ve already assigned a worker to remove the blocking resource or obstacle. You have to wait until the item is removed before you can tell your workers to get the next item. It’s not a huge deal, but it does slow down my tasking thoughts a bit and my plan to conquer the level stutters a bit as I have to wait for certain things to happen first.

Viking Brothers 5 Play Free

Viking Brothers 5 is only available in a standard edition… no collector’s edition, so there are no added goodies like bonus levels or an integrated Viking Brothers 5 Walkthrough in the game.

If you’d like to play Viking Brothers 5 for free to test drive this latest addition to the popular franchise, you can click on the install button above and play the game free for 60 minutes. That’s plenty of time to get through the first few levels and get a feel for the amazing gameplay.