Weather Lord: Graduation

Weather Lord: Graduation Collector's Edition is the latest edition of this favorite time & resource management adventure! Princess Jenny along with Prof. Theodore need your help in recovering a stolen artifact that could compromise the well-being of the kingdom. Help her to manipulate the weather to her advantage, utilize her resources to their maximum capacity and secure her newly acquired position. Keep your eyes open and your feet moving as you must recover the egg artifact before it hatches & unleashes destruction that is beyond belief. Good luck and move quickly! We hope you enjoy Weather Lord: Graduation Collector's Edition.

Princess Jenny is getting ready to graduate from her studies at the University in this latest edition of Weather Lord: Graduation Collector's Edition. Prof. Theodore is mentoring her for her new role as ruler of the kingdom & King Victor & Queen Victoria are excited to pass the torch of reign onto her.

However, as can be expected all is not as easy as it seems. Pirate bandits have stolen an ancient artifact, The Great Dragon’s Golden Egg and it’s up to Princess Jenny to retrieve it before destruction ensues.

Join Princess Jenny as she tests her resolve and attempts to manipulate the weather into helping her progress along her journey. Increase your skill level as you progress – learn to use the weather to your advantage as you gather your resources and build your production resources.

Watch the clock and try to beat it! Move swiftly and save the kingdom before the egg cracks and the beast within is unleashed to create havoc on the kingdom! Enjoy your choice of gameplay as you earn awards and bonuses as you acquire new skills in this exciting quest.