Whispered Secrets: Everburning Candle

Whispered Secrets: Everburning Candle begins with a local asylum going up in flames. You volunteer to help, only to find that this is no ordinary fire. There is something un-natural about it, perhaps even supernatural! As you help survivors you encounter Angelina, a seemingly normal girl who has been held in the asylum for years. She is seeking revenge and will stop at nothing to get it! Will you be able to thwart her plot and save others before it’s too late? Or has years of seclusion turned Angelina into an unstoppable foe?

In Whispered Secrets: Everburning Candle, patients’ lives are at stake as an asylum has caught fire. This is no ordinary asylum nor is it an ordinary fire.

Angelina, a seemingly healthy patient who has been locked away, is now out for vengeance with a fury that burns hot like fire. Will you be able to douse her revenge plot or will many more lives be at stake?

Delve deeper into the halls of horror to uncover the truth behind the madness if you dare. This creepy and entertaining thriller will keep you bound until the end. Just keep in mind once you enter you may never leave!

This game has has 4 modes of gameplay and clean, crisp graphics to keep you immersed in gameplay.

Although the hidden object areas and mini games are familiar, they have a unique distinction that set them apart. 

All-in-all this is one of the best games in the Whispered Secrets series. Enjoy!