European Mystery: Scent of Desire
Stop a maniac's murderous trail of fragrance and deception in European Mystery: Scent of Desire! You've barely settled into your retirement in the peaceful French countryside, when you receive an urgent request from Paris. Young women are disappearing in broad daylight, the authorities are baffled, and the person responsible is still on the loose! How could any able-bodied detective refuse such a case? Stay on scent of the murderer in this intriguing Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game.

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European Mystery: Scent of Desire Walkthrough

by on 03-29-2013

   Consult with our European Mystery: Scent of Desire Walkthrough if the trail becomes too hard to sniff out as you search for a maniacal killer claiming his victims with the sweet scent of perfume. Use our proven instructions, custom screenshots, and puzzle solutions to hunt down this serial killer and bring him to justice.

European Mystery: Scent of Desire Review

by on 03-18-2013

   Track the scent of a diabolical murderer in the new hidden object adventure game, European Mystery: Scent of Desire. When you are called to Paris to investigate the disappearance of lovely young girls in broad daylight, you quickly put aside thoughts of retirement. Now, it's up to you to sniff out the culprit and discover who's behind these gruesome murders. 

European Mystery: Scent of Desire Released Today on Big Fish Games

by on 03-15-2013

   European Mystery: Scent of Desire, a new franchise from Blam Games in the hidden object adventure genre, arrived today at Big Fish Games holding a solid 5 stars with Big Fish reviewers. Armed with a unique plotline, will this new game become a favorite for hidden object fans everywhere? 


European Mystery: The Face of Envy
A series of robberies takes a deadly turn in European Mystery: The Face of Envy! You've been called out of retirement again by an old friend in Italy. Something very unusual is happening on the streets of Rome... Nobles are being robbed of their jewels in broad daylight and falling dangerously ill afterward. As you begin to investigate, you realize that the case is even stranger than you first thought - the villain takes on the physical traits of his victims right before your eyes! But who is he? And what is his mysterious plan? To find out, you'll have to explore the sights of Rome and solve challenging puzzles in this thrilling Hidden Object adventure!

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European Mystery: The Face of Envy Review

by on 02-26-2014

   European Mystery: The Face of Envy brings you out of retirement and to the streets of Rome, where a mysterious thief is stealing more than just jewelry from the nobles. The victims become gravely ill following the robberies when the bandit steals their personal traits along with valuables. Using a unique set of tools, set off to capture the crook and restore peace to the Italian city in this exhilarating hidden object adventure game!


European Mystery: The Face of Envy Walkthrough

by on 02-24-2014

   Our European Mystery: The Face of Envy Walkthrough will be your trusty sidekick as you once again find yourself being pulled from the comforts of retirement to help an old friend solve a mysterious new case. Trust our detailed instructions, our custom marked screenshots, and simple puzzle solutions as you attempt to track down this elusive jewel thief preying on the Roman nobility in this exhilarating hidden object adventure game!