Sweet Lily Dreams: Chapter 1
Travel to a world of dreams and erase the nightmares that haunt us while we sleep in Sweet Lily Dreams: Part I! Help Lily and Faith as they set out to prove themselves by erasing the dark dreams that draw inspiration from classic stories like Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dracula, and many more. Solve puzzles, fight the unimaginable, and join guilds in this incredible Adventure game! Save the dream world in Sweet Lily Dreams: Part I!

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Sweet Lily Dreams: Chapter 1 Review

by Kristi on 03-29-2012
Do you ever just have too much to do and then discover that there is a game that you are absolutely desperate to play and just don't have the time? Well, join my club today! I decided to just check out Sweet Lily Dreams: Chapter 1, which was recently released at Big Fish Games. I was only going to take a quick peek, I promise! Well, one hour later I was devastated to have to stop playing.

Now, I pulled on my big girl panties and decided not to buy it (yet!); but, my goodness, this is a time when I wish I wasn't a responsible adult. I hope you aren't in my situation and are able to just jump right in and start playing without ceasing. Before I begin reviewing the game itself, let me just say that I am absolutely going to buy this game and will most likely write a guide for it. I am just going to have to clear the decks beforehand because I won't be able to stop once I start! So without further ado…