Twisted Lands: Origin
Experience the birth of the terror that gripped the island of Tormente in Twisted Lands: Origin! This captivating prequel will lure you in with stunning artwork and bone-chilling audio, and then hold you captive as you explore dozens of bloodcurdling locations, search for useful items and solve cleverly designed puzzles! Every story has a beginning, but few are as horrifying as this!

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Twisted Lands: Origin Walkthrough

by on 10-10-2012

   Twisted Lands: Origin Walkthrough guides you through a zombie-filled island as you seek the daughter of a friend. Let the step-by-step instructions help you "sidestep" the marauding creatures and lead you to your escape from the island.

Twisted Lands: Origin Review

by on 08-23-2012
In Twisted Lands: Origin Review, you'll discover this HOG game where you play the role of a detective who has been sent to discover the fate of Teresa Huerta, a woman who hasn’t been heard from in months. Arriving at the island she calls home, you quickly realize the missing woman and her son are the least of your troubles. Most of the people in town have vanished, and those who are left, clearly indicate that something has gone seriously wrong. Gather your bravery and follow the clues to unravel the mystery in this haunting hidden object game.