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Ok I got the 7 magic fish, this is ...

Ok I got the 7 magic fish, this is how I got them.

1) green fin spontanus=twin fin spontanus +spinned spontanus///

2)speckled leaffish=greenfin spontanus +spinned fruit////

3)crimson comet=golden comet +spinned comet
{golden comet= goldengold shark+gold beta}
{spinned comet= twinfin goldshark+pink beta}//////

4)Wasp grouper=silky fruit + spinned banana { spinned banana I found in unusual fish eggs}////

5)oriental goldbulb=orange goldbulb + crimsongoldbulb{found in unusual fish egg.Also theres more then one combo of goldbulbs to get the oriental one.}////

6]orange snooper=speckled shark + hornet gold bulb///

7)canary fire arrow=canary snout + canary comet///

(canary snout =golden goldshark + pink shark)

(canary comet= pink comet + golden comet)

(pink comet=pink gold shark + pinkbeta)

(golden comet=goldgoldshark + goldbeta)

(pinkfatfish + pinkfruit fish =pinkgoldshark)

(greenfinfat fish + pink fruit fish =golden goldshark)//////

most of the fishes you need you start out with

(twinfin spontanus)
(spinned spontanus)
(speckled shark)
(pinkfruit fish)
(spinned fruit)
(gold and pink betas)
(silky fruit)
(golden gold shark)
(twinfin gold shark. I never could replace mine use orginal i got in reg eggs}///

The fat fish and spinned banana and bulbs I found in unusal eggs
I kept them..Also hint for bulbs you really only need to keep hornet bulbs and flagged bulbs with them you can make the rest of them and they are hard to replace. I still have my orginal ones from unusal eggs, lol

well good luck also more then one way to finish game I hear. This is just how I did it.. kept notes so if any one has any? on how I got something just ask.. I Will help if I can. GOOD LUCK!!

By tom
how u get a gold beta
By tom
how u get a gold beta

By unknown_reader
09/23/2006 Breeding Chart link. LOL I wonder how many times I have referenced it? :P

OK: Golden is #11 on the list, towards the middle. So, as long as you have one Beta fin type on either side of the that number, you should be able to breed it to the correct number before too long.

Beta is # 17 on the body type list, towards the high end. A bit harder to breed. But, you should have a Spotanus (#21), so breeding a Beta should not be too terribly hard either, as long as you have a lower numbered fish to start with.

I highly suggest that anyone that is looking to breed a fish, look at the breeding chart. It would save most people the time waiting for a response (more than likely from me :P )
By tom
how do u get orange comet

By unknown_reader
Same link as before for breeding.

Orange is #9. So, as before, you need to have a lower number fin style to breed it. Still towards the middle, so shouldn't be too hard.

Comet is #12. Right about in the middle, so also should not be too hard to breed either.

As usual, you will need at least one on either side of the type you are looking to breed. If you have a 17 and a 7, the average is 12 (or one higher, as the average rounds down). For the math end - 17 - 7 = 10. 10 / 2 = 5. 7 + 5 = 12. This is how you calculate the breeding of the fish, using the Breeding Chart style numbers. So, if you have an 18 and a 7, it would go to 12 as well: 18-7=11, 11/2=5.5, 7+5.5=12.5, rounds down to 12.
By dd
hey justin !
I have a big problem in getting my greenfin spontanus back !
it's the only important fish that i have to have to breed the last fish.
i've tried anything already but i can't seem to get a higher spotanus than a razorback (with the chemicals) Is there a way to get this fish???Because the breeding shart tells me it's a fish you cant make. Bought al the 3 kinds of fish eggs didn't help.And have all the extra's in the tanks.Please help me , i'm getting mad here!!!

tnx in adv. DD
By carl
I have a spined fruitfish and a greenfin spotanus, when i breed them the y don't produce a speckled leaf fish...what should i do?
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