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By minesayrejoice
How do I get twins or triplets? I'm almost done with the trophies, and this is my third time through the game (I had to restart twice). I have not once had multiples. Help me please!
By alias
i dont think u can get twins or triplets i mean there is an award for it but nobody was able to get triplets
By alias
to get twins or triplets your mom and dad in virtual families has to want kids definetly
By jobu60
One of my families had twins, the next time triplets- nothing was done different-it was crazy to see them all running around at the same time.
By leexci2pooshi
For twins a definately parent and maybe parent or a definately and definately parent, along with baby boost....i have dont this quite a few times and it always works!!!
By brownlands
I have gotten twins several times and triplets three times. Not sure what I did different, it just happened by chance.
By you can
I was able to get twins 2nd try on virtual families 2
By virtual families
I had twins
By yourmom
I had six at the same time
By my butt
By me101
How did u get 6 at once?
By sunny
I'm new at this and have to parents who are definetly about kids they have had one and I would like to get twins and stuff is there at any chance there is a cheat? Is so does any one know it?
By kmt
I just got triplets with my first gen couple the first time they "tried" and the dad said "definitely not" to kids in his profile. I think it's just random.

By tracy
Having twins or triplets is just random. It can happen at any time! :)
By mm129
For triplets you need a no way parent and a definately parent and twins you need definately and maybe.
By mem1
My friend had six at the same time on her game. I have no idea how. I HAVEN'T HAD TWINS OR TRIPLETS SO I DON'T KNOW HOW!!! :-( :-(
By periwinkleheadz
My sister got twins, and I'm on a higher generation than her!! I use the baby boost, energy drink, perfume, fruit and stuff but nothing work!!! My sister used none!!! My sis parents said definitely and would be nice. So I'm just wondering.... Is there a cheat for this stuff??...
By mamamia
To get six kids,you have to have the parents to make a baby.Wait until the child is old enough to walk, and then just make another one.The more you make,the harder it is to get one.Get a baby boost or just adopt if you're lazy.
By ???????????
On my fourth generation the parents were
Not really and would be nice plus baby boost and I got triplets
By davina van order
i got identical triplet boys there 3 now and im not sure how to get them but there is a way to know if your getting them like if the dad is spinning in circles and does no hand movements while the mother is preping the bed znd they are entering the bed and exiting the bed at the same time than youll most likely get them.
By someone
ARGH!!!They are so hard to get I've played for years and only gotten twins once and never triplets!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!! SOMEONE POST A CHEAT!!!!!
By not you
I'm on about generation 4 on virtual families 2 and no twins or triplets. Although when I played Virtual families (1) I had a set of twins/triplets every other or every three generations... I think they changed the odds of having twins/triplets between the two games :(
By ignoremyname
I play virtual families 2 and I've got to admit I'm terrible at keeping my families, I'd literally full up the family tree before I had twins. I'd tried baby boost and perfume but nothing worked, the twins happened unexpectedly. I haven't had triplets yet but I'd be sure to leave a comment if I do find a way to. My advice is to just wait, they'll come. I don't know if it helps but I had a "definitely wants kids" and a "maybe". Goodluck, :D
By sunshinerific
I am on my 13th generation and have only had twins twice.
By vff
I had triplets with my first generation. They were all boys :) It was No Way (girl) and Maybe (Boy)
By hi
How do you have twins
By hi
My parents always have kids but never twins or triplets
By lovevf
I have not had twins or triplets ever and I am on my 6th generation. How do you have more than one kid at the same time?
By julianna
On my first generation I got 2 sets of twins. The second time they tried for a baby they got twins. I wanted them to have another kid, but they wouldn't. Then I tried one more time and they had twins, AGAIN! Both are sets of identical twin girls. I guess its just luck. :)
By lily vanilly
This is my first generation first time playing vf2, and i got twin girls second try. I had a baby and when she was still nursing I adopted another girl cuz she showed up on my doorstep. My mother maybe wants kids and the father no way. I then to stop the parents from arguing and they had twins. I guess it is just random chance and good luck!
By yuki 2
I got triplets in at least onc...
By vf2
My first try, I got a single girl. Then on my second, I got twin girls. I guess it's just random! :)
By mia harley
Dad 'would be nice'. Mum 'maybe'. 1st generation. Their kids are boy (x2 tries), boy, girl, boy, twin boys (x3 tries).
By abbie
It is by chance.I got lucky and had them in my first generation!
By jodie
I'm on my 8th generation on VF2 and the last two generations I've had the first were twins (the first time it was 2 girls then 2 boys) but I've not had any other twins and I've never had triplets :(
By kat
I got twins on my first generation 2 girls its just luck no cheat or anything just random hope this helped! =D bye
By kwtv
I'm still trying to get twins and triplets to so I don't know how and how do uou get six at once????
By bobling556
I got triplets
By keira
I got 6 BOYS! :'-( I was hoping for a girl to come up so i kept trying over and over after my first boy but failed miserably (as you can tell). After my fourth boy i was surprised to get twins! I love them all of course (especially my twins) but i would have still prefered it if i have one girl atleast... Also, ive noticed that my twin boys look exactly like my 3rd son (i consider the children mine lol). I didnt know that that was possible really considering that there were a lot of profile looks in the game but it happened with mine. So now the twins look like little versions of my third one and when you look at them facewise, the 3 of them now seem like triplets! O.o BTW, this is my first time playing VF2 and these are my first gen little people. The dad and mom are both a 'would be nice'. The mom was 41 when she had the twins.
By ......yea........
Baby boost once gets u twins twice get it twice and triplets and on and on.......
By gymnast4100
I got triplets, don't really know how it just happened… they wouldn't make the baby at first but my second try they did. Hope this sort of helped :)
By vffan
I had triplets but the parents wer both maybe so I sorta got confused. I also had twins once and the mum was would be nice and the dad was no way. So I think if u have twins or triplets you just get lucky there arent any cheats i dnt think.

But you can try having both parents with a definatley
By jkj
I had twince for twice now,all you gotta do is take them far away from bed,make dem try for baby,when dey walk towards de bed keep praising them with de green glove simultaneously as many times as possible,who knows u may get lucky ??
By shannon
I've got twins... plus im on 2nd gen and i have always got 6 kids. Food runs out quick.
By phoebebuffay15
On the first generation, I got a set of twins.
By katelynn32
For me was I had a girl first then a boy then triplets boys and this happen on the 2nd generations I don't know why
By silvr
on my second generation of virtual families 2, and i got triplets! my parents are both would be nice.
By anon
From what I've seen:
definitely+definitely or maybe=twins
no way+definitely or maybe=triplets
It's probably by chance though...
By woah
No way+ maybe got me triplets first try first generation, awesome!
By rachelers
I'm on generation 14 and I've gotten twins once
By abby
I got triplets on the game.
By ellie
I got twins. My mum definitely wanted kids and the dad said not really and my friend, her family got triplets and I was there so they both are possible!
By nursroc
I've been through the game several times and have had many many sets of twins and triplets. I suspect it's random. One thing I do when a couple first marries and BEFORE they have a baby is buy them each a Dr. check up to see if one of them needs baby boost. Also when they are "trying" they get the green glove and then candy which stops the action. Then I have them start over. Seems to increase the frequency of multiples.
By jojokyls
All I did was praise the man and the woman once and they had twins praise them twice and they will have triplets
By :-) (-:
I'm on my 10th generation and still can't get twins or triplets, i've tried everything
By mclovin
I got triplets on my first try o.o
By kenn
For all those people posting "they have to be this or that, and have baby boost" WRONG! It is random! :) just fast forward the time.

By elitehackz
Wrong i have Money hack and twin or triplet hack as well as other hacks,i have pictures for proof.
By vf 2 lover
I'm on my thirteenth generation and I've just had my first set of triplets. I looked online and lots of people said to get triplets you need a 'Definatly' and a 'Definatly not', but both of mine are 'Definatly' and they still had triplets. Hope this helps you.
By newbie
I just started playing a few day ago and I had twins already. (second generation- boy twins- 2 older sisters- parents about 40 years old)
By cheerleader77
If you praise the girl three times while they are trying to make a baby they will have twins usually!
By brianna
You have to give both the parents two baby boosters each. That's what I did and I got triplets
By tetto
guys, how to get another baby?? i always mating them, but it says that you dont have a full version room for children??? i dont get it! my adrola is gone going to college, i dont have a baby replacement for adrola :(( its so sad.. im a bit older now, until now i dont have another baby yet! please help me what im going to do???
By tettou
guys im talking about VF only, plesaae helm me!
By squeaksbubbles
Like everyone else is saying, I'm pretty sure it's by chance.

In my fourth generation (the fifth or six time trying to have at least one kid if it means anything) they had female twins and they look exactly like their grandmother, it's crazy!

Primary (female) was "Not Really" and Chip (male) was "Maybe".
By nightowl13
Try giving them both fruit before cuz i did that abd i got twin girls
By tiana
This time I had twins identical boys. And then I had a girl. The parents wouldn't have another child so I tried again when the girl was four, and the baby came out identical to her sister!!!! They are four years apart. Can someone explain this to me?
By errrrrr
On 4th gen "with would be nice (boy)" and "maybe (girl) " and got twins.
Hope this helped
By carzygirl
it is easy just get put man on the women
By skaigirl101
I got Twins in my second Generation!!
By female firefighter
I get twins and triplets all the time as long as I have a parent that says no way they dont want to have kids.
By catelyn
I have played the game a lot of times and recently beat it, so i started over. First try for kids and I got triplets (red haired girls :) THis happened to me once before with boys, but what I've realized is that sometimes having multiples come every other generation, etc. but with triplets it hasn't happened to me yet, and I didn't do anything special to get my twins or triplets. Both times I got triplets it was the first time on a new game I just started! Not a new generation but a whole new game
By saphola
It's actually random. I have had twins several times, and triplets once. Both of the parents must want kids definitely. (If Both parents want children they won't argue as much when you want them to make babies.) And use baby boost or perfume give it to the mother and place the Father on top of her. Hopefully you get twins or triplets!
By gamergirl808
I had twins on my second try and the parents wanted kids definetly (girl) and maybe (boy) still on 1st generation and havn't had triplets yet (P.S does anyone know why they have such wierd names? Gronielia and Bronnzo?? Really?)
By po of greening
Hello, I think give them the baby boost, and perfume, they have to both defiantly want kids, and make them, you know, do what they got to do.
By hannah the sexy
If you want triplets, make the...]twice.

Good luck!
By elephant
I've had twins AND triplets. Triplets are very rare though, and are very difficult to get.
By me
there is no special way of getting twin/triplets as i got triplets 1st time round, i am now on my 5th generation and i have had twins once. but i know this is random the two people who had the triplets had the same coloured hair?maybe...
By person1000
I got 10 kids and all if the died!
By person1000
Oh yea and both need to be given the baby boost.
By lauren
I have three girl triplets called Yodo More and Mary.I didn't know how to get them but when I got a baby she was actually holding three.
By bae :)
I paired 2 not really parents + a baby boost on dad an i got identical blonde triplet girls named prisma,pennina, and cary an the girls were the parents first try so good luck!
By kayla
I'm only on My 3rd generation and I got triplets. I honestly think it the luck of the draw cause my guy had a definet want for kids and the girl said maybe and I got identical triplet boys so ya in think it's just luck
By hopefully this helps
The mom was definitely wants kids and the dad was a maybe so It's random, although I had triplets forth time having kids
By hopefully this helps
And you DONT NEED baby boost or anything, people who say that must be talking about an older version
By twins
I was able to have twins in both game but I can't get triplet I don't know any tricks to it though
By twins
Sometime if they fail to have kids a few times in a row u can get twin but I think it's just dumb luck
By secret
How do you adopt a child?
By virtual family fun
In Virtual Families, you can't exactly adopt a child if you want to. You can adopt a child through chance cards, though. That's how my little friends got their first child. There was a chance card that gave me the choice to adopt an abandoned child, and I said yes. That's pretty much the only way to adopt a child. I hope this helps!
By girlonfire
You can adopt by going to the special upgrades page, and buying it. It costs 4000 coins. You cant get twins or triplets, though.
By tomboy
I got triplets on my second generation
And twins on my first so just keep trying
And u will get twins or triplets
By awesome person
I had triplets in my first generation. Also when celebrating marrage female read a magazine very odd glitch
By ??
Cheat for twins right after they get married, wait for trying to make a baby, then green glove them both once then drag the male to the shower. Works every time for me good luck
By unhelpful
I got triplets in my 2nd gen and I'm not sure how.
By !!!!
I have two parents who had two kids already they said not really and no way. I didn't think they would even have another kid since i had tried so many times and they wouldnt agree FINNALY they agreed and i was so surprised when the award for triplets came up. I didn't have baby boost or anything!
By oop lala
I got twins by just praising the mum and dad over and over again until the baby popped up!!
By chandy
I gave them both baby boosts & praised them all along then I got twin sons :-)
By did it for the lolz
you can have twin's bye praising them on the bed
By alias
To get multiples you need to place the woman on top of the man and if it says trying to make a baby the first time praise them both then take the man to the shower in your original bathroom. I did this 5 times and it worked every time. Maybe it was just luck or maybe it was skill. Anyway good luck hope this helped.
By truth1
It doesn't really matter if the parents want kids because on mine the dad said Not really and the mom said maybe so it doesn't matter what you do you just have to hope. But a baby boost might give you a better chance
By metoo
Anything you do to try to have twins or triplets isn't the reason you had them. You just get lucky and most of the time if you had twins or triplets once you are likely to get them again (unless you have the max amount of kids)
By mya:)
I had 2 sets of triplets in the same generation and I looked up stuff to find out but it didn't work all the time. It's just luck keep trying!
By abc
I just had three sets of twins on mine!
By camden
I'm playing Virtual Families on my iPad, iPhone, and laptop and I've gotten (on my first generation of each) a set of triplets and a set of twins. I guess I'm lucky.
By rose
I have had triplets my first try but I didn't use anything for it but my sis ONLY has triplets
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