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Virtual Villagers 2 ppl left, both ...

Virtual Villagers 2 ppl left, both males, help me plz!?

All my villagers died because of old age except for two... bpth men.. does this mean my game is over?

By siig
If you really really don't want to quit your game, here are some tips:

If a watertight crate washes onto the shore, open it. There will be one or two or three babies in there, but can be different gender. Or there will be a barrel with a trio of giggling toddlers.

Sometimes, there will be a face found in the woods. There are 2 possibilities. One is that there will be a master farmer that will join the tribe, the other is that the villager will never be seen again.
By you and me
What happens if you push the watertight crate back into the water and if you open a wood one?
By mamaschwab
Ok, I have been playing this game forever now and I only get 1 Maybe 2 of those orange boxes with an event or crate or plague or whatever in them per game.

Is there some magic or trick to getting more events to happen in your game?

I have tried all different levels and speeds and nothing.

Seriously, I think this is my 30th game of Virtual Villagers and I have never had more than 2 events happen through out the entire long are there eyes behind the rock then NOTHING when it is opened?

Even though it says...."looks as though someone has been here' when you open it up....are we just waiting for the 2nd chapter?

By ash :)
Those eyes are probably the children from chapter two looking at us...
By lolsmileyface
I play virtual villagers 3 and I left it for a day and now there's one girl left and I got really far! Not fair. And she's sick and can't heal herself. Ugh.
By answer
By manda-0x
I don't know whats going on either, for some reason most of my villagers are 'weakened' and they aren't getting better. I can't heal them and I try and make them eat and drink but it doesnt do any good. help?
By james
I can't find the treasure chest
By maria
If there is only one villager left that needs to be healed, you can make a stew of two purple flowers and one orange flower to completely restore health. . Then just wait and hope for a crate or barrel of babies.
By bevorli
where can i find the crate with babies?
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