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How do you kill your villagers. I h...

How do you kill your villagers. I have reached 90 but still no golden child. so i need to kill a few to get new babies born... any help..?? can i drown children?

By old one
If you REALLY wanna get rid of them you have to a have a island event where death may an option. Like the face in the woods or the monkey mushroom or the strange berry plant or the book and definty the rotting crate that has spiders that kills your villager.
By ash
i dont know howto kill them but once one dies you have to drag the woman with th child into the lagoon. you also have to have the thrid fertility and the temple and idol.
By maryam x
hey sorry im not sure how to kill them but you should get a cheat to find out all of the events and when one pops up you should choose the bad option- like if one dissapears or becomes sikc...or even DIES!! lol same thing happening to not even sure if i have a golden child scince i have 37 kids :/ good luck
By sabrina101
hey thanks sooo much maryam x cos u saved my game..i now have a golden child and an event happened- it was something about The Old Book i told the villager to read it and she ran away forever! im soo happy i have the golden child and she pushed the boulder open and i now am playing a new home... xoxo maaryam x u saved my game lol :)
By emma44
Well as I know ther is no way to kill a villager exept Island event, old age, disease or starvation. poor. I have a golden child and he pushed the boulder so now the cave is open, but how can I find the person in it, I saw eyes there till it was open and how will I get the New Home? Because it still says Origins and I have heard that it will change,so? :(
By missy lib93
You need the lake, Stonehenge, idol, and level 3 fertility to get the golden child. You'll know you have one when your child walks on water, is bald, and is in gold robes. He stays 5 years old forever with magic powers. I beat the game so I'm trying to kill everyone as well so I can delete. My graveyard is full at 50 people.
These are our legacy forums. Please go to the game walkthrough and scroll to the bottom for our new forums.