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How do you find the Buried treasure...

How do you find the Buried treasure for puzzle 15?

By fluff
Look at the guide. It says 'look between the food bin and the temple.' I haven't gotten to that level yet, and if you have searched that specific area, then try searching the areas pretty close to it.
By wasntmesb
To find the buried treasure, you have to drop a Master Builder a bit to the left of the temple and continue to drop him/her there until they start digging.
By mel
I keep dropping master farmers but they never start digging any other suggestions? Does it help when they honour the temple with the flowers?
By wasntmesb
You just have to keep dropping the builders. They eventually start digging. Remember, you have to have level 3 construction and level 3 science.
By you and me
The treasure is between the food bin and temple, and u need level 3 consurition and science. Also master farmers will not look for the treasure it is a master builder who will dig it up. The people who made this game probaly got mixed up telling you the dirctions and said farmer instead of builder
By thesspa
Drop a Master Builder directly south of the food bin and left of the stone henge like temple... the caption below will read "is there something burried here?" After your master builder starts digging, and it will take a few drops, other builders of lesser talent can assist.

By sam
10/28/2006 need a master builder, and then bring him/her inbetween the food bin and temple. Then on the action, it will say 'digging'
By addicted
in order to find the treasure, your villager must have a level 3 science and level 3 builder....which means that your villager that you use to dig for the treausre must be a MASTER builder AND a MASTER scientist...then you can drag the villager to about the middle (slightly to the left), and they will eventually start to dig.
**NOTE** must try many times before the villager will start digging.
By lea_star
I am so happy, after playing this game for almost a year, you guys helped me figure out how to find the buried treasure, that was the only puzzle i hadn't solved. thanks again.
By psych0607
Take a master builder to the left of the center of the temple directly below the left leg of the food table
By adbear
It does work drop your master builder over and over behind temple to left of food it will say see something and they will dig thanks
By no name
Thank u everyone i found the treasure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By confused
I've tried but how long does it take?
By heman
I tried for a long time but how long does it take
By un known
By buriedtreasure
I got the place of the buried treasure and I put many master scientist+master builders for it there. It says they are digging in the action. How long does it take them to complete? There's no percentage written. Pls tell me fast! :(
By jjjj
My villagers are taking forever to dig up the treasure.any suggestions?
By myrie
Same here!!! Mine found the spot and says their digging but after a while they will leave it!! And I'm like whaaa... Am I doing sometin wrong?? ????
By kaiisjello
It's to the left of the temple.
By lisa
many ppl want to know how long does it take to unbury the chest?
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