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Ive found the 7 Magic Fishes even t...

Ive found the 7 Magic Fishes even though its not in a full version the technique is that you need to save some money and buy growth hormones . . This allow fishes grow more rapidly . . . I tried to guess to breed fishes and I was able to make it . . . Do you know that dead fish can make an alive fish pregnant? One fish that im using is the Speckeld Leaffish . . . It is very important because it can make the best fishes and also Magic Fishes . . .

Here are some Magic Fishes with the simplest Breeding:

1.) Greenfin Spotanus = Twin-fin Spotanus + Spined Spotanus

2.) Speckled Leaffish = Greenfin Spotanus + Spined Fruitfish

Remember : The interchanging of fins does not affect the result
Even though for E.g. (Spined Spotanus +Greenfin
Fruitfish = Speckled Leaffish ) !!!!

3.) Crimson Comet = Speckled Leaffish + Orange Fruitfish

4.) Oriental Goldbulb = Golden Stickfish + Orange Fruitfish

5.) Orange Snooper = Oriental Snout + Orange Fruitfish
( Oriental Snout = Pink Shark + Speckled Goldshark )

6.) Wasp Grouper = Spined Leaffish + Silky Stickfish
(Spined Leaffish = Twin-fin Spotanus + Pink Fruitfish)
(Pink Fruitfish = Orange Fruitfish + Silfy Fruitfish )

7.) Canary Fire-Arrow = Hornet Arrowfish + Spined Stickfish
( Hornet Arrowfish = Silky Fatfish + Pink Shark )
( Silky Shark + Silky Fruitfish )
Do you observe what species is common ? Well, its the Fruitfishes
Orange Fruitfish is one of the key to your magic fishes. . . and also Stickfish eventhough stick fishes looks like dirty but it can make a beautiful siblings ! ! !

The tip for you to have an easy search have a copy of each species and fins . . . and that's my advise . . I know rare fishes don't last long on ur tank but if ur using the growth hormone Nice another tip when ur rare fish are fully grown go to menu then options and click pause on the non fully version and i'm sure you'll find the 7 Magic fishes !!!! For the Fish Tycoon addicts like me . . . . Good Luck to you

By big bird
you might have had a diffrent version of fish tycon because ive had all of these fish and still only have 1 magical fish
By dj240
It worked for me!* thanx foun 7 magic fish in less that 2 days*
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