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all stew combinations and the resul...

all stew combinations and the results I got...

336 = HEALTHY!! This stew completely restored your villager! (restores most, if not all health)

446 = Strange Stew… your villager feels no need to breathe (use for finding gong piece underwater)

111, 112, 113, 116, 122, 126, 133, 136, 166, 223, 225, 233, 235, 236, 256, 266, 333, 335, 355, 366, 456 = Feels Healthier Your villager feels healthier after eating

155, 156 = Dancing The stew gave your villager a burst of energy!

555, 556 = Exercising The stew gave your villager a burst of energy!

255 = Relaxing the stew made your villager tired

123, 234 = The spicy stew clears your villager's nose and throat

356, 666 = This stew gives off a very sweet smell

125 = Nature is calling! The stew made your villager have to go to the bathroom

222, 226 = Jumpy! Wow! Is your villager allergic to this stew?

115, 135 = Get a drink This stew is very, very spicy!

124, 224 = Get a drink Thirsty! So thirsty!

144, 244, 344, 445, 446 = The stew made your villager very ill

114, 134, 145, 146, 245, 246, 334, 345, 346, 445 = This stew is nasty. It really isn't edible

444 = It Burns! This foul stew is very harmful! (takes away chunk of health doesn't really make them "sick" just weakens them. keep feeding a villager this stew a few times in a row, and they will die)

556 = Nothing (I never saw any effect from this one)

By tobias
I am looking at your list and you have 446 as both making you breath underwater AND making the villagers ill. Which is it?
By a!m3e
466 - allows the villagers to go without breathing for a while (for finding gong piece underwater)
By doh
so... i lost the cauldron because i solved a puzzle while my villager was carrying it back and she dropped it to celebrate..... is there ne way to get it back? it doesnt reappear...
By e
556 = burst of energy (run around and swim to exercise)

By virtuallypurple
I used the 446 and all it did was make them sick .
By boethius
446 sick, 466 breathe.
By kani
what with the numbers
By oksana
I read on some other place that 556 makes your villagers want to make babies with the nearest person of the opposite sex.
By shenae
What are the numbers for? do you get to choose the number??
By boxerhol!c
yes the numbers are very confusing..........please explain someone....thanks
By nwflgl
The numbers corrilate with the plants. Starting in the north west side inbetween the water and the dry grass is 1 all the way around to number 6 which is the red plant at the bottom of the screen
By 101367
Can someone tell me the color of the flowers to make a stew please!
By umm...456 "healthy?
456 combo is weak for delivering "health" it does SLOWLY but the best part of all (sarcastic tone intended) the villagers who eat it lose skill level!!! R U K ME?!?!!!! The pace of improvement can put snails to sleep now "said snails" are going to be in a coma!! "HEALTH" usually means progression not regression! If anyone has had this same issue and knows a solution I (and "said snails") would love a solution. Meanwhile....I get to raise these "virtual terds" yet again. At least I can tweek the time on my computer that is the only sanity in it. ....Thanks for letting me rant and 456 gets the "dis" in my opinion.
By haleigh
How do you get rid of bad stew?
By stranger
What flowers are 466??
By stew recipe
What flowers do I use? This is NOT helpful!!
By matthijs1
566 makes them embrace with everyone
By aah
i agree this isnt very helpfull. Could you please translate this in terms of the flowers. I have seen better ways of listing potions in VV3. Someone said elsewhere 1b, 2r is gong potion but that didnt work for me, it gave a nasty smell and was inedible. (*b=black and r=red)
By pokemon
464 will get villages ill
By the dreamer 0311
1.the green plant in the upper left hanging over the wall stones
2.the blue flower at the right of the cave
3. The lavender daisy near the sacred area
4.the long black flower above the water fall
5.the bright red flower southeast the dam
6.the large orange flower at the south of village
By th brat
It's 466 not 446
By human being...
How do you get the cauldron/ pot to be cleared so you can concoct a new stew? Do you wait or get lots of villagers to keep eating it?
By coha92
446 makes the villager very sick! An advantage to master a doctor! I put the villager to smell all the flowers until the bar is almost in the middle. If I want them to improve faster I prepare the stew and make the villagers to eat it! Then I bring the trainee and adept doctors to heal them!
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