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I have 90 people and i cant see any...

I have 90 people and i cant see anywhere else to build a hut but my people are worried about housing. what do i do???

By you and me
If your people are worried about housing, don't worry yourself about a counstrution site, cuz u can't get another site besides the one u had when you started. Instead drag a adept or master builder to the previousy built huts and they will make reipairs to them, just make sure they don't wander off on the job. After that your huts will be bigger and the villagers will hardly be worried about housing.
By ladyridah
my huts arent getting any bigger they are staying the same. for the school it says this place looks like it could be converted??? but i drag master everything on it and they do not know what to do???
By you and me
fix up the huts by dropping a builder onto the huts and the will begin to fix the huts. you may need to to increase your constrution levels. And only a master scientist can convert the building into a school.
By sunny
i dropped a master scientist onto a hut and he started fixing it. i looked at his details and he didn't have any building experience until after he fixed the hut. so try dropping any of the villagers onto a hut and seeing if they fix it.
By vvnut
omg i had a problem with this too thx 4 helpin me!
By skylarkbabi
mines the same way, I already converted it to a school but it still says "looks llike this building could be converted" lol wat is up with this?
By randommm23
so i have 90 people and it says i cant increase my population soo do i just put my master builder to the other houses to make it larger????
By i play too
The maximum amount of villagers you can have is 90. To convert the school you need to either use your tech points for science or for construction you can also build more huts than were already provided for you there is a space between the school and the ocean that any villager would start to build on once you have purchased enough construction. If you do not complete that additional guy you cannot have more than 17 villagers. They will no longer be able to have children
By jen m
My population is 100, the way I got it to that is by always buying a barrel of babies, I think this is a glitch cos sometimes it lets me, but sometimes it doesn't :(
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