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I can't believe that the puzzle jus...

I can't believe that the puzzle just ends, there must be another part we are all missing because of 2 things:

-There are two places on the title to hang a sign and it looks like there could be another sign instead of 'New Home'.
-When you go into the cave it talks about how it looks like someone had been living in there since there are fresh berries and the story trails off like this......

so, I think there is something we are missing and there is more of the island to discover or something like that.

Anyone know of anything or thought the same things I have????

By wasntmesb
I've had the same thoughts, but I solved the puzzles weeks ago and have not been able to discover anything else. Nor have I found anyone else who has discovered any new things.
By babygurl
I have the same situation. I finish everything and when I put my people by the cave, it didn't do nothing. I actually tried to put the golden child since he's the one open it and still it doesn't do anything.
On the top where it says "New Home", it looks like there's supposed to be another one hang in there. So, I was thinking that they might make a virtual villagers part 2. I'm not sure. But in the map it looks like there's more to discover. I thought it was through the cave but i guess not! Oh well, I guess that's the end of there journey. =(
By scrubbyslove
hasnt anyone noticed the eyes peeking out from inside the cave before it is opened?
By sunny
so the cave's open and i dropped one of my people on top of it and a message popped up saying that i led my people well and there was a bowl of berries that looked like someone had been living there recently. has that led to anything else? also, on the title page where it says 'new home' and it looks like there could be another sign on the other side i'm pretty sure thats just a design thing, not a place for another sign.
By moot
There is another chapter to be released this winter
By shortstuff
I think there is supposed to be a virtual villagers 2 coming out this winter. Or at least that's what people are telling me. :) Good Luck!
By tinkerbell
after you finish virtual villagers 1- a new home, there is another version for only 6.99. its virtual villagers 2- the lost chidren. the story starts from the cave. IT IS ALSO REALLY FUN. IT HAS NEW FEATURES AND IT IS A LITTLE BIT HARDER.
By ash :)
I bet those little eyes are those children looking at us from behind the cave
By jessi
there is virtual villagers 1,2,3,4 and 5
By anna
i wonder if there is going to be a number 6
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