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ok. is the easiest druid the one wh...

ok. is the easiest druid the one who is half horse? i found her, but i cant fight her cuz i dont have earplugs made of wax. how do u find them? plz help!!

By asdf
the half horse is the "hind", go to aveyond, buy smoke bomb in tea cup town, find beehive, get beeswax
By polywonder
That's great advice...but MY problem is I can't get to the darn beehive! I've been close, but don't know how to get to the cave (or cavern, or tunnel, or whatever I have to go through) to get to the beehive. Where's the entrance to that cave? (The other end)

Oh...guess this was supposed to be a tip...sorry 'bout that, but I'm stuck on getting to the beehive :(
By polywonder
OK, so nevermind...I found the correct cave entrance to find my way to the beehive, so the Hind's been turned to stone and I've turned the harp in to the headmaster. I just hope I can figure out how to "unfreeze" all the people frozen by Hind now.
By qwerty
where did you find the entrance??
By stuckinlevel16
Yeah. Where did you find the entrance? is it in the memory caverns or somewhere else? HELP US POLYWONDER!!!
By acutie
To Get THe EarPlugs You Must Go To The Beehive Which Is In The Place With All The Bees Go To The Beehive use The Smokebomb and You Will Then Get Beeswax ! I Have Already Played Aveyond 1 Build A And I Have Played Aveyond 2 And I am Quarter Of the Way Through Aveyond 1 Build B !!

Have fun!
Hope You Win!
By elz_blue
guyx, where can we find some hints for uncursing the place called EJINDRO??
By alex0114
guyz i completed all the druid but why does the dream druid come out in aveyond? shes still in my friendslist and also daemon wont come out..
By berry
the dream lady. if you still have her. go to wildwood forest talk to some guy. he in southwest. you can find him by himself. talk to him and the dream l;ady will go with him and leave ur party.
These are our legacy forums. Please go to the game walkthrough and scroll to the bottom for our new forums.