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ok, check this out. easiest way to ...

ok, check this out. easiest way to get the nox orchid, EVER. or any of the magical plants, for that matter.

use the cheatomatic and give yourself a million bucks. then buy the instant grow stuff....the blue and the purple. use the cheatomatic to give yourself a hundred thousand or a million of those. give yourself a hundred thousand or a million of the mutation liquid. plant something basic (basic seeds are in the supplies tab) and just keep mutating it. eventually, you'll find a plant that will mutate into what you want it to be. oh, so easy....

By cygnet84
Mutation fluid doesn't mutate just any plant into anything else. It mutates things into one of three possible things. You can then mutate those things into something else. But this is a very slow, tedious process.
By atlhsbaseball
hey wat is the cheatomatic? send me the link
By blue
The link to the cheat-o-matic is: and download the last link.
You should know where the folder that says Plant Tycoon and has those wierd files you can't open.

the PTmoney1.exe is a program that fixes those files. when they are fixed, you should have about $104,500.

This cheat was posted by Cheatlover if you went all the way down to the bottom of the page.

This can be done again, but if you earned money that makes your cash higher and you fix the wierd files again, it will be like you never sold that plant or caught that bug.

you should by about 1500 doses of insta-growth vaporbomb and 1000-1200 doses of Fertilizer bomb.
if you want more that's find, but it also includes arthritis in your hands. I stopped at those numbers because i couldn't handle the pain of moving the stinkin' mouse.

As you sell Fables Lemon Bushes, buy more insta-grow vaporbomb and fertilizer bombs.

You should also get a Virtual Seed Tray. This device can hold an infinite amount of seed, tell you what plants you discovered, what seeds you have, their original prices, has pictures of flowers and foliage, and automaticly water or pot all the pots in your greenhouse.

Here is the link to get the Virtual Seed Tray:

http://www.ldwforums.c o m/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php/ub... the spaces

For my advice into using this, make sure this device is not on at the same time as your plant tycoon, and make sure there is more than five of each seed.
By leila
could you type again the link for cheat-o-matic? i can;t open the page
By zhevra
i need to get that cheat o matic page!! i have a bunch of extinct seeds but no gold soil!!!
please type that link again i cant pull it up!!!
By planttycoon
i know me too i have soooo many extinct seeds but nooooooooooooo money!!!!!! WHAT EXACLTY IS THE CHEAT O MATIC LINK? I DONT GET THE...... AT THE END OF THE LINK WHEN I COPY AND PASTE IS SAYS IT DOESN'T EXIST!!!!!!! IM DESPERATE!!!
These are our legacy forums. Please go to the game walkthrough and scroll to the bottom for our new forums.