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Guys, can anyone tell me how does i...

Guys, can anyone tell me how does it end? There was a little problem with my game and I had to uninstall it before I finished (such a shame ç_ç).

I'd like to have some spoilers! =D Or at least know if Rhen ends up with Lars xD I know it's a weird wish, but after sometime I thought they'd get along so well.......

By tori
I recon Rhen should end up with Lars aswell. NOT DANNY or DAEMON! They both suck, well Daemon does.

You can end the game by:
Dieing in the battle with Ahriman.
Joining Ahriman's evil side! Mwahahahah..
Marrying Danny (the boy from Clearwater) and living in Clearwater. Awww.
Marrying Daemon and ruling Thais. Pshhh! (But you do get to see Rhen in a wedding dress, and another type of hairstyle. A bonus, I guess.)
OR Living in some cottage by yourself in the Highlands. Fun as way to live life, eh?

In my opinion, bad endings.
Rhen should marry Lars!

By dragongirl
ive finished the game accsidentally.......rhen married daemon!i didnt mean to choose that ive picked to live in the highlands!OMG.....but i think thats better tha

By dragongirl
but...but....its more important to rule thais right?the legend of thais says:if the princess of thais comes back to thais peace will come back to thais again my mistake become right.;) well,the game is soooooooooo adicting its a game for all ages!you may not believe this im 7 years old a grade school student

By dragongirl
im being bored of waiting for aveyond 3realeased!well the main role of aveyond 3 is mel(or you can say vel!XD)and...guess who is the others..te'ijal and galahad!ill tell you guys if aveyond 3 is realeased!buh bye for now!:D

By nothing
I agree that Rhen shouldn't marry Dameon or Danny. It stinks.
By sexypig
yeah..i thougt rhen and lars would be together ..i mean i was really angry when i knew they would be together

By dragonqueen
I have a question about aveyond instead of a response to this post. I stumbled into an area with crows in it (maybe wildwoods), and it is too high a level for me. How do I get back out of it?

By dragonqueen
P.S. I have Lars and Talia with me and I should be going to Aveyond and not exploring but I couldn't resist. :(
By sky
You should go North by paying the guy in the boat first before you go exploring South more. The monsters there are stronger and they'll probably be difficult unless you get some more training first.
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