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[b]For Beginners and Desperate Gard...

For Beginners and Desperate Gardeners
This comment is for easy and gameplay that includes cheats, tricks, and tips. Some people will refuse to engage in cheating through an advanced puzzle game. Whoever I am refering to has no need in reading this comment. However, we both enjoy the same game.

1. Getting Started
This set of instructions will include virtual devices. The following devices will be:

Virtual Seed Tray by Borg (THANK HIM/HER)

1. Buy the game. It will cost $19.95.

2. Get a lot of money from this site:
htt p:/ /me g a. st o ych ev.n et/ Plant Tycoon/
(When every I give an address, I will include spaces to prevent exclusion and editing. Remove spaces when typing or copying into the address bar.)
Then Select Pt.Money.exe (last one)

You will get about one million dollars. Buy as all of the nursery upgrades, tool upgrades, seeds, and as many chemicals as you want. You will only need insta-growth vaporbombs and fertilizer bombs. When you run out of money, fire up the PtMoney again. NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU USE THE PtMoney, IT WILL ALWAYS BE THE SAME. Take as much time you need buying your chemicals. Prevent arthritis.

3. Download the Virtual Seed Tray by Borg from this site:
ht tp://w w w.ldw for u m s . c o m /u b bt h re ads / ub bthr eads.p hp/u b b/show flat/ Nu m ber/104281/pa ge/1

On the Virtual Seed Tray, you will be able to keep an infinite amount of seeds and instantly water and put soil in all of your pots. You should keep more than one of each seed that you have.

2. Catching the Bugs!
If you catch all of the bugs, you will get $5,000,000 ($.$), which can lead to more $.

1. This method only works when your game is NOT on full screen. To catch a fast bug:
1. Press Alt
2. Drag your mouse into the tool box and click your net. Then quickly press Alt again.
3. Click where ever the net would be when it catches the bug (1/2 of a centimeter to the right) 0.o

2. Go the the forum Bugs and look for cygnet84 to find the bugs that appear with certain plants. However, the Golden Butterfly might not appear with Fabled foliage. I'm still hunting it down.

3. How to find the 6 Magic Plants
The Virtual Seed Tray can also give you the actual price and an equation to find a specific plant. To learn how, [bb]read Borg's directions. Also, if you don't know algebra, you might want to crack open that book, 'cause there gonna be real big equations.

4. Selling Plants
You will find that the Fabled Lemon Bush is the most valuable plant. If you find all of the 6 Magic Plants, have all of the nursery up grades, and follow my directions carefully, you can sell those Fabled Lemon Bushes for $1035 and other plants at double price, so take some notes.

1. You can grow as many plants (Fabled Lemon Bushes) as you want. Plant them.

2. Use one insta-growth vaporbomb, and then 4 fertilizer bombs.

3. Then cautiously prune (cut the brown leaves) your plants that are older than the age of 10 to prevent over-pruning.

4. Self-pollinate the mature Fabled Lemon Bushes, and wait until all of the other plants to mature in the next step. Prune
more plants.

5. Pollinate the rest of the Fabled Lemon Bushes and do whatever the other plants are meant for, check dead leaves, check prices, and then sell. $$$$

After you find the 6 Magic plants:

Aureus Scandens
Nox Orchid
Rosaceae Fern
Fabled Lemon Bush
Fourpetal Maple
Mela Rare Oak can consider some of these goals

1. Retaining the seed of Tilia Ridge Ball.
The seed of the Tilia Ridge Ball is the hardest to obtain.

2. Finding all Baccatus foliage for Christmas.
Share the Christmas season with your customers!

3. Discover each of the 529 plants.
Bring up your status.

Good Luck. (English)
Buena Suerte. (Spanish)
Bonne Chance. (French)
Idkfjdsi aeiurfki. (Gibberish)

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