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How do I get to salamander nest? I ...

How do I get to salamander nest? I think the way is blocked by a stone and i don't know how to get around that.

By amused
there is another way south in the same area with a path that ends in a little square, once you have spoken with the hermit woman you will find an egg. It's hard to realize what it is until the egg is there.

Keep looking, but if you haven't spoken with the woman in the desert you won't find anything.
By ike
where is the woman?
By donal
desert seri
By lk
Um, I talked to the hermit woman, and have wandered all over (and rid the land of salamnders) Seri Desert. I have not found an egg anywhere. Any ideas?

By hawes922
You have to keep going back to the same spot. When you get to the little rock, go right and down, and the egg will be in a little cove with four salamnders. I think you may also have to buy Grimms Farm before you can get the egg, because if a red salamander is born, you have the chance to take it back to the farm. If you get frustrated, think of it as a good way to level up.
By mistress
All of you are totally clueless...
THE EGG DOESN'T APPEAR BY MAGIC! You think you can just go back and forth and it will just appear on the nesting grounds?

Just follow these steps... tried and tested

Step 1: To get the Salamander egg, you need to purchase Grimm's Farm.

Step 2: Have Rye or Emma in your party, and choose one to be your leader.

Step 3: Walk into the room where the old woman (former owner of Grimm's farm used to be.) You'll see all you partymates are there.

Step 4: If you are Emma, talk to Rye. If you are Rye, talk to Emma.


Step 5: Leave. If you haven't talked to Sabriyya yet, then go to her.

Step 6: Finally, go to the Salamander Nesting Grounds :D

-You need this for Rye and Emma to get married!

By hawes922
mistress, you don't have to be rude to get your point across. I did exactly what is written in my post, and it worked just fine. Next time, try a little tact.
By girl
Is there a requirement for the red salmander?
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