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Errrrm Fed up of waitin 4 those little fishys to grow up????? just get the fish preggers and then close fish put your pc clock forward about 2hrs, now Your babies are already adults,,,,put clock back to origanal time whilst tycoon is open....then repeat!!!!!

By unknown_reader
There are a couple small problems with this. First, this trick is already mentioned well above, called the "Time Travel" trick. The next problem is when you move your clock back, nothing new happens to your fish. You can get them pregnant, but they will not age, nor have babies until after the clock on your computer pes the time that you fast forwarded it to.

This is how I kept my fishies alive for the first week or so playing the Web version. As long as I bred the fish and fed them up until the next time I would be on, time traveling forward then resetting the clock back to correct time before leaving it, the fish would never die of starvation, even if I was away for 12 hours, because according to the game clock, they had been fed routinely over the previous 12 hours (while in time travel mode).

Oh, and if you were wondering, the time involved for fishies to be born is 1 hour 40 minutes, or 100 minutes. This is 5 minutes per unit of age (only in fast mode, and the online version).
By 123s magic fish
i dont understand how to change time on pc

By unknown_reader
In the lower right corner of your screen (it is usually there, if you have the toolbar at the bottom) you will see a clock. If you double click on it, you can bring up the clock options. There should be a manually read clock over the digital display. This is where you can change the time on your computer.

I just wanted to point out, in case it was not mentioned earlier, that the game does not need to be closed out for the time changed growth to take place. If you have the game open when you change the time, it will take less than 5 seconds for the time change to be noted on the game, and fish will suddenly jump to the size and age they are supposed to be. It is a good idea to keep track of real time though, so you can set the time back to where it is supposed to be once you are done "time traveling". Once you set the time back, fish will not age, or grow, or give birth, until the time catches back up to where you had time traveled up to. So, if you know you are not going to be on the computer again for 10 hours, and you time travel forward, step by step, for 10 hours, when you come back after that 10 hour time (in real time) the game will be right where you left off (as long as it is the time that you forwarded to, exactly).
By doublefishluvr
I did that and almost ALL of my fish DIED!!! :(
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