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I HAVE ANSWERS so theres a glitc...


so theres a glitch (most of you have noticed) that when u get the cauldren they take it into the tech hut -.-
now... wait for some time (about 2-4 days In real life) and it will come back in the same spot. THEN YOU CAN TAKE IT AND IT WILL WORK!!! same with the gong pieces. just waita little bit and itll come back
yes you can have more than 90 people. i havent gotten that far but i know that you CAN
you get the last piece of the gong when u get engine lvl 3 and culture lvl 3. these are very inexpensive but they take some time!
put people on the COVERED mosaic tileand they will start uncovering it! when they FINISH FINISH FINISH FINISH!!! is that clear?FFFFFFFFFIIIIIIIIIINNNNN... a elder totem in the place in the center of it and then... TA DA THERE IT IS

gettig all the different color totems doesnt do anything btw -.- SO STOP WASTING TIME

getting 3 of exploration will make it easier to get collection items
heres a glitch! drop kids into the pond or ocean (wait until there are sparkles in the water) and it makes items (including mushrooms) appear! only 1 item per drop

By mike s.
I have 105 villagers now , still missing one bettle , so the max should be 110 . Cute side line , I had 104 , renamed a woman after my girlfriend , put her skill on parenting , dropped her on a man , and she had triplets ! My POP went to 107 ! She was ED !
By tessy
I have six totems, have clompleted all puzzles except the gong piece under the mosaic. I have tried dropping every single totem I have on the centre of the mosaic and it won't do anything. I have full tech on everything. Can someone please explain?
By alphonse of olde
I've had 115 for some time, them after some die off, you can repopulate up to 115. Anyone out there know how to go passed 115 villagers? How do you build more housing for them?
By lin
I don't know how to get the totem, I have a village elder, but where's the totem?
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